Thursday, December 11, 2008

Awareness (Foresight)

"Awareness: to observe and understand"
- Joseph Panek

Awareness is the Divine Faculty that allows us to be Unattached
Observers of the Events happening all around us. It is the ability
to see things as they really are; not the way we want them to be.

Awareness lets us determine which Events, if any, we should be
concerned with and which Events we should disregard. Awareness
protects us from being "pulled" off course and becoming "bogged
down" in the problems and crises of others which neither concern
us nor benefit us. Awareness is the Gift that allows us to steer clear
of danger and make sound Decisions.

Metaphorically, Awareness likens us to the Captain of a ship.
Although the Captain is Aware of sea conditions, rocks and
weather for as far as the eye can see, he is only concerned with
the conditions that actually affect the course his ship is sailing.
He is focused on his destination and knows how to maneuver
around any difficulties that may present themselves during his

There are times, however, when the Captain encounters
unavoidable danger that must be met head-on. It is at times like
these that the Captain's Gift of Awareness enables him to
recognize the real danger well in advance. By foreseeing the
potential dangers lying in his Path, the Captain is able to calmly
assess the situation, prepare his ship, and steer safely through the

The Odyssey of Odysseus provides us with a great Metaphor
for Awareness. As Odysseus and his crew sailed home from the
Trojan War, Odysseus was Aware that their ship would have to
sail past the land of the Sirens. The Sirens were temptresses who
lured sailors to their deaths by way of their intoxicating Siren Song.
Odysseus ordered his men to seal his ears and tie him to the mast
of the ship until he steered it safely past the Siren's lair.

It was Odysseus' Awareness that enabled him to foresee, understand,
and calmly solve the Riddle of sailing past the Sirens.

Rocks, rough seas, bad weather, and Sirens are all part of our Voyage
on the Sea of Life. Awareness allows us to foresee and prepare for
these obstacles before they are upon us. It enables us to determine
how we will steer our ship safely, and calmly, around these hazards,
stay on course, and continue on to our Destination...Our Destiny!

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