Sunday, January 8, 2012

In Pursuit of Wizards, Guides and Mentors

"Small is the number of people
who see with their own eyes;
think with their own minds;
and feel with their own hearts."

- Albert Einstein

"All cosmic secrets must be pursued and earned."
- Joseph Panek

Wouldn't it be wonderful if each one of us could have our very own
Merlin, Gandalf or Dumbledore to guide, instruct and protect us?
A Wizard who would reveal to us all of the magic and secrets of
the universe?

How many of us have fantasized over the possibility of being
granted timeless secrets, hidden Wisdom, and ancient magical
powers? And, wouldn't it be grand to have all of these things
bestowed upon us without having to pay a price?

But, alas, we realize that this cannot be so. For in order for us to
obtain Wisdom and Magic of this magnitude a price must be paid.
The greater the prize, the greater the price!

In our Quest for Truth and Wisdom we find ourselves Traveling
down many different Paths in the Hope of finding someone who
will enlighten us, and Instruct us, in the Divine Principles of the

But, after fantasizing and wishing, perhaps for many years, for
such a personal mentor to enter our lives we ultimately realize
that there is no such one person available to us at this particular
Time in the current evolution of our planet.

So, in the end, those of us who Choose to steadfastly pursue
ancient and Esoteric Wisdom eventually accept the fact that the
age of Master Teachers and Mystery Schools is a thing of the

It is at this point that the True Seeker understands that although
there no longer are any Master Teachers available to us today,
the works and Lessons of the Master Teachers of the Past still
remain. And it is through the Lessons of the Master Teachers
of the Past that the current Seeker sets out upon the Path of

For the True Seeker of today realizes that when we rely solely
upon external mentors to do for us the tasks for which we have
been placed into Our Current Incarnation to experience for
ourselves we invite many obstacles in our Paths. These obstacles
occur for a variety of reasons. For example:

1. The world is full of charlatans who claim to have the secrets of
the universe and are willing to make these secrets available "for a
price". These are the snake-oil salesmen who make a living by
preying upon the lazy and the gullible.
2. We may find a mentor who is very knowledgeable, but not in
the specific area in which we have a special interest.
3. We may find a mentor who presents us with knowledge which
we are not yet ready to receive. In other words, we may not have
reached the proper moment of unfoldment that enables us to
appreciate and understand the principles being presented to us.
4. There may be time constraints placed upon either us or our
mentor which prevent us from properly receiving the knowledge
which our mentor has the ability to impart upon us.
5. Our mentor may leave us prior to fulfilling the task we had
expected of them.
6. As no person can teach beyond the limit of their knowledge,
our education is limited to only what our mentor currently knows.

No one person has all of the answers. However, many other
Seekers, both past and present, have partial answers. It is up
to us, as True Seekers, to piece together these partial answers
in the same way that we piece together a jigsaw puzzle until the
final piece is in place and the puzzle is complete.

The Merlins, Dumbledores, Gandalfs, and other great Wizards
of the past are extremely rare. However their Wisdom and
knowledge still lives on and is available to all of us.

Their Wisdom and knowledge comes to us in bits and pieces
from a variety of ancient sources. These bits and pieces must be
pursued, interpreted, understood and earned by all modern Seekers.

And remember, all Merlins, Gandalfs and Dumbledores willingly
paid extremely high prices for their Wisdom. They also spent
many long and arduous years accumulating the secrets which
enabled them to learn and perfect their craft.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2012
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