Monday, October 13, 2008

The Egyptian Sphinx
(Symbol, Myth, Mystery and Riddle)

Symbolically, The Sphinx is the "Spiritual Guardian of Entrances
and Thresholds".

Legends state that when someone came upon a Sphinx that person
would be asked to answer a Riddle. If the person solved the Riddle
they were allowed to pass. If they could not solve the Riddle they
would be devoured by the Sphinx.

In Symbolism, when attempting to understand a Symbol we must
take into consideration all the possible meanings, and concepts, that
the Symbol represents.

Entrances exist in all realms and dimensions. Here are some
examples of Entrances: material (doorways); mental (new ideas);
spiritual (higher planes of Wisdom); esoteric (Obscure Wisdom).

Entrances also exist at the beginnings of new Cycles, ages, and eras.
We are currently standing at the Entrance of the Age of Aquarius.
We are leaving the Age of Pisces. What Riddle is the Age of
Aquarius about to present to each one of us?

Whenever we begin to develop an new idea, open a new book,
acquire a new skill, attend a new school, move to a new city, or
Learn a new language, we are Symbolically standing in front of the
Sphinx who is guarding the Entrance to the knowledge we Seek and
the Adventure we are about to experience. An uneasy sense of
anticipation usually possesses us at these times. The knowledge
we Seek, and the Adventure we are about to pursue, is new and
foreign to us; it is a Riddle! Upon mastering our new skill (Riddle)
we are then allowed Entrance into the new knowledge, the new life,
and the new Adventure which we have been pursuing.

In taking this Symbolism a step further, the Sphinx is also the
"Spiritual Guardian of the Mysteries of Nature". Once we solve a
mystery it is no longer a mystery. It then becomes new knowledge;
new Wisdom. Whenever we solve a mystery (Riddle) we conquer
and tame the Sphinx. This is when a new realm, a new dimension,
a new Adventure opens itself up to us.

In the Tarot deck the Sphinx sits on top of the Wheel of Fortune,
which represents the Cycles of Eternity, and guards the Entrance
of a new Cycle. This card is also the 10th card of the Major Arcana.
The number 10 represents completion . As one Cycle ends a new
Cycle, of a higher degree, begins. The Sphinx, with its Riddle sits at
the Entrance of this new Cycle. These Cycles, and the Riddles that
accompany them, are eternal.

Here is another concept regarding the Sphinx. Ancient historians
state that the Egyptian Sphinx originally had the head and face of
a woman and that some unknown pharaoh had the original woman's
face modified to represent his own likeness. There is enough
evidence to make this a very convincing argument.

If this is True, then the Egyptian Sphinx could represent the cusp
(Entrance) of the Age of Leo. The Age of Leo is Entered after the Age
of Virgo is complete. The woman's face would, therefore, represent
the Age of Virgo, the Virgin, while the lions body would represent
the Age of Leo, the Lion. This would make the Sphinx incredibly,
incredibly Ancient!

The most recent Age of Leo began approximately 11,000 B.C. Prior
to that, the Age of Leo began approximately 37,000 B.C. Prior to
that, 63,000 B.C., etc....Just keep adding 26,000 years (the
approximate Time it takes to complete the Great Year) to the last
figure to continue the sequence.

We do not know exactly which Age of Leo the Sphinx could be
representing. The Sphinx can be breathtakingly ancient.

What was it that some long-forgotten culture was documenting
when they chiseled the Egyptian Sphinx out of bedrock in the very
distant Past on the cusp of an Age of Virgo and an Age of Leo?

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Unknown said...

This is beautiful, and entirely true. I'm listening to Avrahwm Hicks, and all of this is in perfect alignment. Thank you for explaining this purely delicious reality!