Thursday, January 1, 2009

Janus - Symbol and Myth

"Our journey never ends.
We constantly find ourselves standing at
new thresholds which must be crossed.
Either we enthusiastically step through
these thresholds, or Destiny shoves us
through them."
-Joseph Panek

Janus is the Roman God of Beginning and End; the Guardian of
Thresholds. He is portrayed with two faces: one face looking
forward and one looking backward. From Janus we get January,
the first month of the year. January is the month when we look
forward to a new year while, at the same time, looking back upon
the year that just ended.

This concept of looking both forward and backward at the same
time has its roots in Antiquity. In Ancient Egypt this concept was
Symbolized by the Aker Lions. The Aker Lions are two lions that
are portrayed sitting with their backs to each other and facing in
opposite directions. One Lion represents Yesterday and the other
Lion represents Tomorrow.

This Symbolism teaches us that the Past and the Future are
linked together. In order to "see" the Future we must first
remember, and understand, the Past. The Wise Seeker understands
this Divine Principle of Yesterday and Tomorrow and is always
evaluating the Seeds of the Past in order to "see" what the Harvest
Of The Future will be.

To see the future we must understand the past;
To see today we must understand yesterday;
To see tomorrow we must understand today;
To see the next minute we must understand this minute.
What has been, will be again... 
There is nothing new under the sun.

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