Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mind, Body And Spirit

Ancient Teachings tell us that we are composed of Three Principal
Characteristics: Mind, Body and Spirit.

Spirit: When we speak of Spirit we are referring to Divinity Itself.
As a Creation of Divinity we contain the Seed, or Spark, of Divinity
within us. This Spark, or Spiritual DNA imprint, is what Ancient
Sanskrit teachings call our Atman, our "God Within".

Atman, our God Within, is linked directly to Brahman, The Creator.
This teaches us that we and our Creator are One.

Spirit is also described as the Vital Life Force which is Eternal and
Perpetual. Spirit gives life to all of Creation. Spirit is also that Life
Force of The Creator which provides every living thing with its very
own Unique Personality...its Divine Nature.

This Unique Personality is what the Ancient Egyptians referred to
as the Ba. The Ba is depicted, Symbolically, as a bird (which is a
Symbol of Spirit) with the head of a person.

Body: This is the physical structure, or Temple, which our Spirit
(our Ba) occupies during our Current Incarnation. Our body is
formed of matter. Being formed of matter means that our body is
temporary and has certain limitations which are governed by the
natural laws of the physical realm. However, our physical limitations
can be reduced, and our physical experiences can be increased, by
mastering the Spiritual Energy that governs our body through the
proper use of our Mind.

Mind: The Mind is the Undefinable third aspect of our Divine
Nature which, along with our Spirit, is in direct contact with Divinity.

The Mind is Limitless and it is through the mind that we create,
imagine, expand, and grow (both Spiritually and materially). It is
also through the Mind that we can Choose to limit ourselves with
Thoughts of inferiority and inadequacy.

Our Mind is that Spiritual Tool which we refer to as Free Will. And,
as the Mind maintains a continual and direct access to Divinity, it
has the power and ability to achieve anything we Choose for it to

Our Mind can change our Thoughts. When we change our Thoughts
we change our experiences. When we change our Thoughts we also
change our Destiny.

We can use our mind to free ourselves of Self-Imposed Limitations.
We can use our Mind to heal ourselves. We can use our mind to heal
others. We can use our Mind, through Meditation and Prayer, to
access Divinity and thereby get answers to whatever it is we wish
to understand.

Our Mind is Powerful and Limitless in its abilities and it is the one
"thing" over which we have Absolute Control!

The Spiritual Energy contained within our Mind can take us from
"rags to riches". Our Mind can access the Mysterious and Unknown.
Our Mind is the Direct Link which allows us to speak to, and gain
answers from, Divinity.

Each one of us possesses a Mind, Body, and Spirit. We could not
exist in the material realm without all Three of these Characteristics.
It is up to us to Choose how we will use these Divine Three.

Eternal and All-Powerful Divinity is forever with, and within, us.
Divinity always stands ready to grant us the Peace, Contentment,
and Harmony we long for. Our Mind has to simply Choose and
focus upon only those Blessings which are important to us. Once
our Mind has determined what it is that we truly want it then
communicates our request to Divinity. Once our Mind is in Direct
Harmony with Divinity we are then ready to experience, and enjoy,
all the material and Spiritual Blessings that Divinity is ready and
willing to bestow upon us.

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