Tuesday, October 21, 2008


"One cannot be the master of their own Destiny
while being a slave to another's."
-Joseph Panek

To paraphrase Shakespeare: "Our Destiny lies not in the stars
but within ourselves".

There are two ways to experience Destiny: we either experience
the Destiny that befalls others or we Choose to create our own

If we "go along" with the demands and expectations of others
we will experience the Destiny that befalls that particular person
or group. We can only create our own Destiny when we follow our
own Path.

It is important that we stay focused on our Path. We do this by
making Sound Decisions. Awareness and Insight are the tools
we can use to make these Sound Decisions. They are the Guides
that protect us from the Tricksters we may meet along the Way.

Awareness is the observation of Events. Insight is understanding
what the Consequences of those Events will be. When we understand
the future results of current Events we are, in effect, "seeing" the
future. This enables us to make decisions that are in Harmony with
our best interests and our Personal Destiny.

The stars may govern the Destiny of civilizations, history and crowds
but each one of us has the choice, the Free Will, to govern our own
Individual Destiny.

When we are in control of our own Destiny we are no longer at the
mercy of external Events and the Destinies of others. We become
unattached observers of world events as we travel down the Path
of our very own Personal Adventure...Our Destiny!

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