Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Borders Between Realms

Border Areas between two different Realms have always been
sacred in Ancient Teachings as they represent the Union of Duality.
It is in these slightly overlapping border areas, Doorways, and
Thresholds, that life-forms and energies from both realms interact
and co-exist in Harmony.

Examples of Border Areas in the Material Realm are:
...where a River meets land
...where the ocean meets the sandy shore
...where the desert ends and vegetation begins
It is in these "narrow" border areas that life-forms from both
Material Realms interact and co-exist in Harmony on our planet.

Examples of Border Areas in the Spiritual Realm are:
...where the Horizon meets the sky
...where a mountain peak meets the sky
...where night meets the first light of day
...where sleep meets consciousness
...the Vesica Piscis
These Spiritual Realms are Sacred Areas that Symbolically
represent the Union Of Duality.

The border area between the Horizon and the sky is considered
The Crack In The Universe. It is the Doorway through which the
souls of the departed were believed to re-enter the afterlife, and
was also referred to as Heaven's Gate.

The border area between the mountain peak and the sky is
considered to be the closest we can get to the Infinite while still
here on earth. It is here that Gods and Wise Men reside and interact
with each other.

The border area between night and first light is the Tipping Point
where light chases away darkness; a metaphor for Illumination
(Wisdom) chasing away Ignorance.

The border area, or Doorway, between sleep and consciousness
is accessed through meditation. It is in this area where we, while
still conscious, can access not only our own Subconscious but also
the Great Eternal Consciousness where all Knowledge and Wisdom

The Vesica Piscis is a product of Sacred Geometry and Symbolically
represents the narrow Doorway whereby two different Realms
overlap and co-exist in Harmony.

The Ancients were very aware of the Harmony and Balance that
exist in the border areas between two different realms. They passed
this knowledge down through Metaphor, Symbolism, and Myth in
order to teach us that Balance, Harmony, and Truth exist in the
Middle-Ground between two "extremes".

It is up to us to incorporate this Wisdom when evaluating any
argument or Decision regarding two "extremes" of the same issue
and realize that ...The Truth Lies Somewhere In-Between!

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