Thursday, November 6, 2008

Atman (God Within)

"Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary
to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself."

-Hermann Hesse

Atman is derived from Ancient Sanskrit and translates as
"God within us". Our Atman is our Higher Self; our Ba; our Soul.
It is our personal connection to the Eternal and Infinite Great Spirit
which permeates all things.

Each one of us has two sets of Parents. We have our Spiritual Parent
and we have our biological parents. Our Spiritual Parent is Divinity.
Divinity is The All, The One, The Eternal Spiritual Life Force that
governs everything and is within everything.

Our biological parents are, of course, our physical mother and father.

Just as our physical DNA connects us with our biological parents,
so does our Spiritual DNA connect us with our Spiritual Parent. And
just as we can communicate with our biological parents through
spoken and written Words in the material plane, so too can we
communicate with our Spiritual Parent through both spoken and
unspoken Words, and Thoughts, in the Spiritual Plane by way of a
Spiritual Conversation which we call Prayer.

Distance can separate us from our physical parents but distance can
never separate us from our Spiritual Parent; our Atman. Our Atman
is forever within us. We can communicate with our Atman any time
we Choose. Our Atman is always available, attentive, and receptive
to our Spiritual Conversations...our Prayers.

Our Atman, and Its intimate Relationship with the Eternal All, is
what is referred to when we read: "I and My Father are One"...and...
"I am in My Father and My Father is in Me".

But, most profoundly, we find the presence and power of our
"God Within" best expressed in psalm 82:6 which states:
I have said, you are Gods; and children of the most High".

Once we realize, and accept the fact, that we are One with our
Spiritual Parent we then know that we can accomplish anything
we Choose. We become Aware that The Universe, and its Eternal
Truths, has never been beyond us...It Is Within Us!

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