Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vesica Piscis - As A Symbol

Symbolically, the Vesica Piscis consists of two Circles of equal
size that slightly overlap. One Circle represents Spirit and the
other Circle represents Matter (our Dual Nature).

The almond-shaped area where these two Circles overlap is the
Vesica Piscis. It represents the Doorway between our Spiritual
and Material Realms. It is the area where our Dual Nature of
Spirit and Matter exist in Balance, Harmony, and Peace.

When we clearly understand and experience both aspects of our
Divine Nature we are living in Balance, Harmony, and Peace. It is
when we move away from the Vesica Piscis, the Doorway of our
Dual Nature, that we experience imbalance in our inner and outer

To carry this concept further, the two overlapping circles can
represent Duality in ANY form. Whenever there are two different
ideas, Beliefs, or natures, there is Duality. Duality by itself
represents Separation. When United, Duality becomes Balance and

When we occupy the Vesica Piscis, the Doorway, that Unites two
different Thoughts, ideas, or realms, we are in Harmony with those
Dualities; we clearly "see" both sides of an issue.

When we embrace only one side of an issue, idea, or Belief we move
away from Harmony. And the deeper we venture into one side of an
issue, the less we are able to "see" the other side of the same issue;
we Become more and more Imbalanced. This is the primary cause
of our frustrations and aggressions.

By occupying the "Doorway" between Dualities (the Vesica Piscis)
we are able to "see" both sides of any issue, access the Spiritual
Kingdom while occupying the World of Matter, live in Balance and
Harmony, and experience the best that both worlds of
Duality have to offer.

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