Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pacts vs Self-Reliance
(Angels vs Demons)

"Independence is happiness."
- Susan B. Anthony

We live in a realm of Duality. A Duality which expresses itself in
many different ways.

Duality is the parent of Choices. And one of the many Choices we
are presented with during our Current Incarnation is the Choice
between whether we will live our life by way of Pacts, or by way of

As always, there are various degrees contained within all forms of
Duality. However, if we look at how Duality expresses itself in its
greatest extremes it gives us a better feel for how Duality presents
itself to us in its lesser extremes.

Throughout mythology, legend, and ancient texts, one of the
ways in which Duality expresses itself is by way of Angels versus
Demons; or, good spirits versus evil spirits. The Lesson presented
here is that, if our Choices are Angelic in nature, we will be rewarded.
On the other hand, if our choices are Demonic in nature, we will be
bound to suffer the Consequences...often dire Consequences.

With these thoughts in mind, let us consider the differences
between Pacts and Self-Reliance in their most extreme degrees.

Pacts: When we enter into a Pact we automatically place ourselves
at the mercy of external Events, sub-events, plots, and sub-plots
which are entirely out of our control. As a matter of fact, we can
never rest assured that the other individual or entity will honor
their side of the Pact.

However, because we have entered into a Pact, and have made a
Promise, we are Karmically obligated to honor this Pact even if
conditions Change, or the other party fails to uphold their end of
the deal.

And because these underlying possibilities are built into the
foundation of every Pact, we can summarize a Pact as being
conditional, restrictive, manipulative, constrictive, and limiting.
In other words, Pacts can Force us to do certain things, things
we may deeply regret as the Pact develops a "life of its own".

Pacts also contain fine print and implied expectations.They also
come with "strings attached". Pacts can "paint us into Corners",
trick us into undesirable Compromises, and shackle us with
Self-Imposed Limitations.

It is for these reasons that Pacts are the preferred tools of
Demonic Creatures and evil spirits who use Pacts as harmless
looking bait to lure us into their domain.

We all have probably either read stories, or watched movies,
of someone who makes a "Pact with the Devil". This Pact always
starts out as something exciting, powerful, and full of fun.

However, conditions quickly begin to change and the person
who entered into the Pact begins to understand that there are
underlying Consequences which he, or she, had not taken into
consideration when they entered into the Pact. It is then that
the person wants to get out of the Pact but finds, to their great
dismay, that they cannot. For it is not the underlying conditions
that govern the Pact, it is the Pact itself that governs the Pact.

In the end, this poor, pitiful, gullible individual always succumbs
to the Consequences of the Pact.

It is important to keep in mind that whenever we enter into a
Pact we are relinquishing our Free Will and potentially exposing
ourselves to Karmic Consequences which we will have to deal
with at some future Time...perhaps even in future Incarnations.

Self-Reliance, on the other hand, is dependence upon ourselves.

And this is why it is the preferred tool of Spiritual Guides, Angels,
and the Good Spirits.

Mythology, folklore, ancient texts all speak of Angels and Good
Spirits offering Spiritual Guidance to those who wish to accept it.
The Instructions and Lessons bestowed upon humanity by these
High Beings come in the form of options, suggestions, and
guidance which honors our Free Will and allows us to Choose
whether or not we will follow any particular Path.

Angels, Spiritual Guides, and Good Spirits offer us their guidance
without any "fine print" or "strings attached". Their assistance does
not come with any impositions. Nor do they require any sort of Pact
from us when they offer assistance or encouragement.

These High Beings simply present their Truth to us and then leave
it up to us to either accept it or discard it. They do not threaten us
with any form of excommunication, penalty, or force if we do not
follow their guidance.

It is the Eternal Nature of these Good Spirit to promote boundless
freedom, unrestricted Choices, spiritual liberty, personal
Sovereignty, and self-Governance; all of which are our guaranteed
birthright the moment we enter our Current Incarnation.

They are fully aware that the only torments and disasters we can
experience are those which we bring upon ourselves when we
Choose to either ignore or violate Divine Law.

As always the Choice is entirely ours. It is up to us to Choose
whether we will live our life by way of restrictive and complex
Pacts, or, enjoy the Independence and Happiness, which are the
natural by-products, of Traveling upon the Simple, open, and
unrestricted Path of Self-Reliance.

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