Monday, February 23, 2009

Genesis (The Source)

Genesis is a Word that is used to define the Beginning...the Source...
the Origin. Genesis is that Time in the remote Past when the
material world, along with all its Truth and Wisdom, first appeared.
When we speak of Genesis, we are referring to some unknown Time
in the distant Past that Enchants us with its Mystery: a Time that is
now Hidden behind the Ancient Mists of Antiquity.

Historians, Theologians, and Seekers have been forever obsessed
with discovering, and understanding, that very First Time when
matter and Spirit first manifested themselves and began their
eternal journey into the future.

The ancient Alchemists were relentless in their pursuit of the
prima materia, that "first matter" from which all other matter
evolved. Alchemists beyond number invested their entire lives,
often depleting family fortunes, in their pursuit of the prima materia
...The Sorcerer's Stone; all to no avail. Perhaps it is because what
they thought to be First Matter (prima materia) was, in reality,
First Thought (Prisca Sapientia): A Divine Essence that can neither
be seen nor measured.

First Thought is that Initial Energy which originates from the
Mind of Divinity. First Thought is the Original Imagination
from which the Act of Creation begins: this is the nous, the Mind
of Divinity, referred to in Hermetic Teachings.

Once the Mind of Divinity begins the mental Act of Creation, It's
next step is to Manifest that Thought. To manifest a Thought means
to bring a Thought out of the mental realm in order for it to be
realized in the material realm.

Divinity manifests It's Original Thought by "breathing life into it".
Manifestation is the Breath (the Spirit) of Divinity. This Breath
(this Spirit) is the logos, or "Word", referred to in Hermetic teachings.
Divinity, through It's Breath...It's Word...It's Spirit, sends Thought
out of the Spiritual realm so that it can Become Form in the Material
Realm. This is Divinity's process of Creation.

By understanding this Spiritual Process of Creation we are able to
understand just how ancient the Eternal Teachings of Truth and
Wisdom really are. Truth and Wisdom originate with Divinity and
are "spirited" down to us, generation to generation, by way of
Ancient Sacred Teachings.

This is the reason why, no matter how far back we go in Time, the
Ancient Teachings we discover from all long-forgotten civilizations
were recognized as "ancient" even during those remote Times.
This is because Truth and Wisdom do not originate with any one
person or civilization. Truth and Wisdom are "breathed" into the
material world by Divinity, and it is Divinity that is the Genesis
(The Source) of these Eternal Doctrines: Eternal Doctrines that
were bestowed upon us to serve as our Personal Guides as we
Travel the Path of our Current Incarnation.

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