Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Road (Our Personal Journey)

"The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began."
"The Hobbit" - J.R.R. Tolkien

The "door where it all began" is the moment of our birth.
From that moment on the Journey down our personal Road begins.

There are Times when our Road is clearly defined and our Journey
is smooth. Then there are times when our Road is rough and gnarly;
or perhaps just a faint trail. These are the times when our Journey
is frustrating and difficult and we must proceed with caution.
And finally, there are times when Our Road vanishes and we must
work hard to "pick up the trail". These are the times that we
experience confusion and fear and wonder if we will ever get back
"on track". However, these are also the times when we can forge
our greatest strengths, learn our greatest Lessons, build Strength
of Character, and define who we truly are.

The road of our earthly Journey is a very long Road! Our Road
does not end when we reach a detour, a roadblock, a setback, or
when we stop at an Inn along the way in order to rest and celebrate.
Once our obstacles and respites are complete, we continue our
Journey down The Road of our life.

No single Event, whether a success or failure, defines our Journey.
These Events are simply the experiences that become the
Teachers that accompany us down Our Road.

To think that getting a job, getting married, receiving a long awaited
promotion or reaching retirement is the crowning achievement of
our life's purpose only leads to disappointment and frustration.
These Events, no matter how important they may seem, are
simply one solitary Event; merely one cobblestone in the Road of
our life's Journey. They may be crowning events in our Journey,
but once these events pass our Journey resumes.

It is important to remember that just as each of our achievements
is simply an Event, an experience, a cobblestone, so also is failure
merely one lone cobblestone in our long Road. Once failure passes,
it too becomes just one more experience for us to lean on and learn
from as we continue our Journey.

Whether we Choose to move on down Our Road with enthusiasm,
or Choose to quit looking ahead, Our Road will continue and we will
be either willing, or reluctant, Travelers.

By greeting each new day, each new step, and each new cobblestone
with enthusiasm we are able to prepare for, and meet, the new
Adventures that await us along Our Road.

However, it is when we try to avoid Traveling any further down
Our Road that our greatest disappointments occur. These
disappointments happen because we have Chosen to make ourselves
unwilling, unprepared, and fearful Travelers. And as with any
unprepared and fearful Traveler we run the risk of meeting the
Highwayman who jumps from the bushes demanding we "stand and
deliver." Either we are the Master of our Travels, or our Travels will
master, and subdue, us.

Remembering that our "road goes ever on and on", and that each
one of our experiences is but a cobblestone that paves our way,
let us embrace our Adventure and and enjoy all the surprises and
achievements that await us on our personal Journey into the future.

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