Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creative Destruction

"Please get out of the new world if you can't lend a hand,
for the times they are a-changin' "

- Bob Dylan, poet and songwriter

"When a Cycle has run its course, change is imminent."
- Joseph Panek

Every Divine Principle within the realm of Nature has a specific
purpose. One of the most basic Principles, and perhaps the one
that is most universally ignored, is that of Creative Destruction.

Simply put, Creative Destruction is the razing, or tearing down, of
the old in order to create the new. Individuals, organizations and
civilizations who Choose to ignore this eternally repeating process
of Nature are Destined to suffer the tragedies which accompany the
Destructive end of a Cycle. Those who recognize, and understand,
this Divine Principle are the ones who prosper from the Creative
changes to which a new Cycle gives birth.

The ancient teachings of civilizations and cultures throughout the
world speak of the Principle of Creative Destruction in both their
Mythology and Symbolism. From the Vedic and Hindu we have the
deities of Shiva and Kali. From ancient Egypt we have the eternal
battles between Seth and Horus. Numerous cultures speak of the
Phoenix which destroys its old self so that it can renew itself from
its own ashes. The Tarot teaches us the Principle of Creative
Destruction in the card of The Tower. And the Cycle of Creative
Destruction is also represented by the Symbolism of the Serpent
which sheds, and leaves behind, its old skin (old age) in order for it
to rejuvenate itself with the new skin of Youthfulness.

Beginning and end...death and rebirth...destruction followed by
creation. When one Cycle ends a new Cycle begins. This is the way
of the universe. It is Divinity in Action. The old must be torn down
in order for the new to grow and blossom. The death of the old is the
foundation for the new. New civilizations are built upon the ruins of
old ones. This is the never-ending Cycle of Eternity. When Time is
up, change is imminent. We ignore this Eternal Truth at our own

It is interesting to note that the word "ignore" is the basis of the
word "ignorance". The fact that we may be Ignorant of a Divine
Truth does not absolve us from any Karmic burden or Unexpected
Consequence which may result from our Ignorance.

The concept, or Principle, behind the Law of Creative Destruction
teaches us that new ideas cannot be generated from old thoughts;
a problem, or dilemma, cannot be solved by the same mind which
created it; society cannot evolve by relying on outdated laws, habits,
policies and bureaucracies; civilization cannot move forward while
looking backward. These facts are true regardless of whether we are
referring to individuals, organizations or civilizations.

Most of us are familiar with such sayings as, "what goes up must
come down" and "all good things must come to an end". Yet the
vast majority of us tend to think that these Eternal Principles apply
to everyone except ourselves.

Wisdom requires that we recognize the end of one Cycle and the
beginning of another. For it is when we become complacent, lazy and
careless - when we Choose to live in Denial of the Law of Change -
that the Cycle of Creative Destruction has most likely run its course
and is about to rain havoc, misery and suffering down upon those of
us who have been caught unawares of the changes that are about to

Change is the mantle of Nature and of Deity. And for every person,
organization and civilization that destroys itself through Ignorance,
laziness and complacency there stand other persons, organizations
and civilizations ready, willing and eager to build upon the rubble of
the old in order to create something new. These are the visionaries
and Trailblazers who recognize and understand that once a Cycle
has run its course a new Cycle, along with exciting Change, is at

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