Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holy Of Holies - Sanctum Sanctorum
(As A Symbol)

Just prior to reaching the main entrance of an ancient Temple a
visitor would would pass between two pillars situated on either
side of the walkway leading to the Temple entrance. One of the
pillars was a Symbolic representation of the realm of matter, and
the other pillar was a Symbolic representation of the realm of Spirit.
These two pillars were placed on either side of the walkway of the
Temple to remind the visitor of his, or her, dual nature which
consists of both matter and Spirit.

The pathway passing between the two pillars represented the
Transcending of Duality. Therefore, a person visiting the Temple
was made aware that by passing between the two pillars and
entering the Temple they had Symbolically left the realm of
duality behind them.

This journey into the Temple also reminded the visitor that the
true purpose of their Current Incarnation was to concentrate their
time and energies on the Spiritual matters which would enable
them to Transcend the dual nature of the world of matter in order
to enter into the Spiritual Realm of Unity.

These pillars through which the visitor passed would sometimes
take the shape of two obelisks and sometimes the shape of two
Sphinx: the Sphinx being the Spiritual Guardian of Entrances.

But regardless of whether the visitor passed between two pillars,
two obelisks, or two Sphinx, passing between these two Symbols
represented the Transcendence of Duality.

Upon entering the Temple, the visitor would then find themselves
within the main chamber of the Temple. It was in this main chamber
that the visitor would pay his, or her, respect to Divinity and also
contemplate and meditate upon spiritual matters.

However, within the most Secret, Sacred, and innermost part of the
ancient Temple was a very private area to which only the highest
of the High Priests were allowed access. This highly restricted area
was the Heart and Soul of the Temple and was referred to as the
Holy Of Holies; the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The Holy Of Holies was that Honored place within the Temple
where all of the most Sacred writings, relics, artifacts, and Lessons
of their Faith, which had been passed down through Time, were
now preserved and kept.

The design and Symbolism of the ancient Temple is a Symbolic
reminder that each one of us is a Temple. Ancient Teachings
remind us that "our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit".
When we consider that Spirit, by its very nature, is Holy this
phrase then translates into the statement, "our body is the
Temple of Spirit".

And as with the ancient Temple, our personal Temple also has within
it our very own Sacred, Secret, and Innermost Area: our very own
Holy Of Holies, our very own Sanctum Sanctorum.

It is within our personal Holy of Holies that our Spirit, our Atman,
our God Within, our Spiritual Life Force, our most Sacred Essence,
resides. And as the highest High Priest of our personal Temple we
have access to our Holy Of Holies any time we Choose. It is that
Sacred Place within us that we retreat to whenever we desire to
communicate with, and experience, the Divinity that resides within
each and every one of us.

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