Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Thread And The Tapestry

"Our Thoughts, Words, and Actions are the
Threads that Weave the Tapestry of our Lives."

- Joseph Panek

Isn't it amazing how one small, and seemingly insignificant, Event
can be the catalyst which creates significant and dramatic Change?
From the unraveling of well-Woven friendships to the fraying of
tightly knit groups, nations, and worlds, these small and seemingly
insignificant Events serve as the Feather which disrupts the fragile
Balance of equilibrium.

For example, a group of employees have been working together
in Harmony for a number of years. Then, one day, one of these
employees decides that it is time to quit the firm they are working
for and move on. This employee does not leave because of job
dissatisfaction. Perhaps this person wanted to move closer to
family, or to move to a more desirable climate, or because their
spouse received a job transfer. No malice is involved with this
initial employee leaving their job and co-workers.

However, the seemingly innocent action of this employee often
serves as a catalyst and, soon afterwards, a number of other
employees also decide to leave for similar innocent reasons and
things are no longer "the way they were" within the organization.

It almost seems as if this group of employees could have gone
on working together forever, but once that first employee moved
on, that person became the loose thread that unraveled the fabric,
the Harmony, of the group of employees.

A similar situation occurs when one member of a close-knit group
of friends moves to a different city. This friend's move is often the
catalyst, the Thread, which ultimately causes the group to slowly,
but eventually fray and break apart.

Examples of "The Thread That Unravels The Tapestry" occur not
only on the social plane, but on the personal, mental and spiritual
planes as well:

We find a flaw in something we have believed to be true for our
entire lives. This flaw becomes the Thread which unravels the
Tapestry of this Belief, and possibly of our Faith.

One unkind Word spoken, or one unjust Action taken, by someone
dear to us can often be the Thread which ultimately unravels the
Tapestry of a lifelong friendship.

One lie made by us, or told to us, will often be the Thread which
unravels the Tapestry of a years-long bond of trust.

Two lessons can be learned from these examples:

Lesson Number One: We, just like everyone else, are responsible
for our Words and Actions. With this in mind, we must "Weigh" our
Thoughts, Words, and Actions very carefully before we release them
upon others. Doing so insures that we will not expose any loose
Threads which may serve as a catalyst to unravel the Tapestry of
our character.

Lesson Number Two: Change is Eternal. And the longer Balance
is maintained, the less it takes to disrupt that Balance. During any
period of equilibrium, Time is patiently waiting for the proper
moment to drop the Feather which ends the balance that has been
in place for such a long time. At the appropriate moment, Time
drops the inevitable Feather which enables Change to once more
take control of matters and ensure that expansion and evolution
can resume their Eternal trek.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2010
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