Friday, November 7, 2008

Prayer (A Spiritual Conversation)

Prayer is a Peaceful and Solemn conversation we have with our
Inner Self, Our God-Within, Our Atman. It is the same kind of
Simple, sincere, and Honest conversation we would have if we
were speaking to our best friend. When we access Our God-Within
through Prayer we are, in fact, having a conversation with our best
friend...our best Spiritual Friend.

We can have this Spiritual Conversation any time we Choose.
We can have this Conversation while lying in bed at night or while
taking a walk. All it requires is a calm, peaceful mind and a specific
topic on which we are Seeking Guidance.

This Spiritual Conversation has been called by many names: Prayer,
Meditation, and Thought Experiments (such as practiced by Albert
Einstein, Isaac Newton and others). This Spiritual Conversation can
even be called Imagination.

Regardless of what it is called, Spiritual Conversation (Prayer) is
simply accessing Our God-Within and asking for Guidance, Answers
and Strength.

We begin by taking all the Time we feel necessary to describe the
topic, or issue, that is concerning us. The longer we take to describe
our "issue" the more relaxed and peaceful we find ourselves
Becoming. There is no reason to hurry this process.

Finally, we end our Spiritual Conversation by asking Our God-Within
to "Show me how to...","Guide me...", "Teach me what I need to
learn to..." This is the Magical Process by which Prayer is created,
received and answered.

We need not go to any "designated place" to pray. Our Sacred Place,
our "Holy of Holies", is within us. We need not pray to a statue, idol,
or image. These are all external, material objects which simply
"represent" Sacred Essences. They are not Sacred Essences in and
of themselves.

Tragedy and "dire need" cause many people to "pray" for help and
rescue. However, this is not True Prayer. This kind of "praying" is
based on fear, desperation, and emotion and is directed outward
toward some "assumed" authority figure instead of inward toward
Our God-Within. This kind of "praying" is seldom, if ever, answered.

It is through Peaceful, Solemn Conversation (Prayer) with Our
God-Within that we obtain Calmness, Stability, Strength and
Awareness. Calmness, Stability, Strength, and Awareness are
Spiritual Tools that enable us to steer our way through the
ever-Changing currents of the Great Sea of Life.


As any Seeker of Spiritual Truth will attest: One must exercise
patience and dig deeply when attempting to understand the
metaphors, parables, and quotations contained within scripture.

For this is the only way by which the Seeker can un-Veil the
Esoteric Lesson which lies hidden beneath the exoteric, or
common, story which that particular scripture presents.

Does modern scripture confirm what Prayer is?  Does
modern scripture teach us how to Pray? And is modern
scripture consistent with ancient teachings in regard to
Our God-Within; Our Atman?

The answer to these questions is a resounding "Yes"!

Let us look at one example:

The Lord's Prayer begins with "Our Father, which art in Heaven....."

Luke 17:20-21 tells us: "The Kingdom of God [ Heaven ] is within

Therefore, as per Luke: as God [ heaven ] is within us,
The Lord's Prayer is instructing us to Pray thusly:

"Our Father, which art within me..." OR "My Father, which art
within me..."

Therefore, The Lord's Prayer is Instructing us to recognize and
direct our Prayers to the God-Source...the Divine-Source...the
Atman which resides within us and is, IN FACT, our Spiritual Self.

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