Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reminiscences - Bittersweet Remembrances From Our Past

"When other nights and other days
may find us gone our separate ways
we will have these moments to remember."
-Lyrics, "Moments To Remember", The Four Lads

We have all paused to sit for a moment at its shoreline in order
to gaze into the deep mystical Waters of the Sea of Reminiscence.
The distant and valued Memories which still live and flow beneath
the depths of these Waters are like a Siren's call that forever
beckons us to return again and again so that we can reflect upon,
if only for a fleeting instant, visions of cherished, long-gone and
wistful moments that hold a very dear place within our minds and
within our hearts.

And though we know that we can never drink from the Waters of
this melancholy sea we keep returning, time and time again, to be
seduced and mesmerized by the dream-covered images living
within the depths of this untouchable and hypnotic body of water.

To have a haunting, fond Remembrance of a bygone Time that we
feel we can almost grasp, only to find that it is just beyond the
fingertips of our outstretched hands.

She is a magnetic pull...a Siren's Song...a melodic call from our
Past...a pensive longing which unexpectedly meanders into our
mind in order to both torment and please us with bittersweet
Memories of days gone by.

She is the sweet, somber mistress of our earlier days who is
forever with us, yet never again permits us to enjoy Her as we did
the first time we encountered Her. She is as intoxicating as a fine
old wine yet as un-caressable as a wisp of Smoke.

Irreplaceable moments...innocent mistakes...opportunities missed
and Loves lost to awkward immaturity...the faded and muffled
faces and voices of old childhood friends...the pranks...the social
gatherings we thought would go on forever...bus rides and football
childhood innocence, imagination and enthusiasm...the
neighborhood of our youth...sentimental rememberings of our
irretrievable Past...echoing footsteps in the hallways of nostalgia...
all now permanently locked away in a glass-enclosed vault whose
contents can now only be viewed through the eyes of Misty
recollection. They have now been relegated to the role of somber,
haunting specters which reside deep within Our Subconscious
and visit us at their whim to make us laugh or to make us cry.

Our Wizard's Staff: the experiences which we lean on and which
guide us on our journey forward...regrets and satisfactions...
achievements and failures...tears of happiness...tears of sadness.

Old friends with whom we have lost contact but are still a valuable
and integral part of our deep, inner self...bygone Relationships...
children who now are adults...and, those whose Time in this
realm has come to its completion; those cherished friends,
parents, relatives and Mentors with whom we can no longer
converse with; no longer share our Thoughts and feelings
with...those individuals who are the building blocks that helped
form the foundation of who we are today.

Sometimes a Memory or an experience can flash into our minds
after having lain dormant for decades; perhaps simply to remind
us that it is still there...vivid remembrances of dear friends we
will never see again or cherished moments we can never return
to...reminders of very special people, places and Times.

What triggers these Reminiscences? What makes them "pop"
into our consciousness? What purpose do they really serve?
Where do we store them? Why do we store them? Is there a
box, a memory album, a secret hiding spot which only we know
about that is reserved only for us? A place we can go to and
access any time we wish? A place where we can view our
bygone Memories and cherish them if for only a brief and
wistful moment?

No other person can experience the same Memory in the same
way as we do. Our Memories are the building blocks of who
we are today.

Reminiscence is a fond and fleeting mistress. Therefore, we
should kiss this lady on Her cheek, Bless Her for being a part
of our lives, and thank her for helping to have made us who we
have Become, along with what we have Learned and experienced,
every time She honors us with one of Her visitations.

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