Thursday, January 29, 2009

When The Student Is Ready

"When the Student is ready the Teacher will appear."
Ancient Proverb

All Ancient Teachings inform us that when we are ready to embark
upon our Path of Spiritual Fulfilment, our Teacher will appear.
However, what is left unsaid is that when our Teacher does come
to us it may be from another Time or Dimension.  

Another Time can be answers that come to us from Ancient
Mythologies, Sacred Works or the Lessons of the Master Teachers
 who came before us.

Another Dimension can be answers that come to us during
Meditation, or from something that has been Marinating in our

Our Teacher can also provide us with answers we are seeking by
way of a book we pick up, a remark we hear from a stranger, or
something that "jolts" us during a casual conversation with friends,
family, and acquaintances.

The fact is, Truth and Wisdom can come to us from anywhere.
Our Spiritual Teacher is continually communicating with us. All
that is required from us is that we Learn to keep ourselves open
to the Messages that our Teacher is constantly sending us.

Although it would be nice for us to have our own personal
Spiritual Mentor, our own personal Grand Wizard, that we can
"hang around with" and tell us everything we need to know, it
just doesn't work that way.

We cannot gain Spiritual Wisdom from someone, or something,
material and external to ourselves. Spiritual Truth, Knowledge and
Wisdom can only come from the Spiritual Teacher that resides
within each and every one of us. We simply need to learn how to
access this Inner Teacher of ours.

We access our Spiritual Teacher through learning and developing
our Spiritual Gifts of Meditation, Insight, Intuition and Awareness.
And although we may have been "taught" that we must Travel "far
and wide" to gain wisdom, it is not so.
Everything that we need in order to access the Wisdom of
Eternity already resides in that "quiet place" within each and every
one of us. And that "quiet place" within us is where our God Within,
our Atman, our Spiritual Teacher, resides.

Once we understand this Ancient Truth, we realize that our Spiritual
Teacher is, and has always been, with us. We discover that we are
both the Student and the Teacher and that we are capable of
teaching ourselves Anything we wish to learn.

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