Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Drum (Symbol and Metaphor)

"Time is the great devourer.
Beyond time, there is nothing to devour."

- Joseph Panek

The Drumbeat marks Time in the realm of matter. Time cannot exist
without matter, for all matter has a limited Time-span. On the other
hand, matter cannot exist without Time; for without Time matter
cannot experience the Cycle of manifestation, expansion, and

In our physical realm we use the beat of the Drum to dictate the
tempo of music. It is also used to set the cadence for marching
bands, oarsmen, and armies. It also represents the beating of
the heart and pulse in all living creatures.

In its most sublime essence, the Drumbeat Symbolizes the
heartbeat of the universe. In its most gross essence it represents
war and doom in which it is the rhythmic reminder that "the Time
has come..."

The Drumbeat is of such a low frequency that it vibrates not only
the air but also the ground and can be felt by mankind and
animals alike. Even those who cannot hear can still feel the beat
of the drum and use it to communicate.

The beating of the Drum brings the primordial rhythm of life to a
Ceremony. The dances, chants, and rituals of all indigenous
cultures employ the beating of the Drum to mark the beginning,
rhythm, and end of their traditional rites. Shamans use the beat
of the Drum to induce a state of ecstasy and to invoke spirits.

The terms "march to the beat of a different drummer" and "march
to the beat of our own Drum" are metaphors for taking
responsibility for, and marching to the rhythm of, our own Destiny.
These metaphors are the slogans of the Sovereign individual, the
Lone Wolf, and the Non-Conformist.

Shiva, the Indian deity, holds the Drum in his extended right hand.
The right hand is the hand used to bestow (see: "Hand and Cloud").
This Symbolism reminds us that Creation (manifestation) begins
with the first beat of the Drum and ends with the last beat; and
that Creative Destruction is a natural, ongoing process of the
material realm.

The Esoteric and Sacred Lesson conferred upon us by Shiva's
Drum is thus: All material things march to the beat of Time; they
have a beginning, a finite Time-span, and an end. When we
concentrate on Time (duality and matter) we shut out eternity
(unity). However, when we focus our concentration on eternity,
Time and matter become insignificant.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2011
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Unknown said...

Your thoughts about the drumbeat are very helpful.You expand your knowledge universally and what they meant in different cultures.
I thank you.

Unknown said...

I dreamt that I was being invited to become a drum maker behind the scenes of a theater.

Unknown said...

I just dreamed I heard a drum beating it was like one beat,another another then a double beat,any thoughts anyone