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There are two types of Decisions: Impulsive and Deliberate. An
Impulsive Decision is ruled by Passion while a Deliberate Decision
is governed by Reason.

An Impulsive Decision is a rash, blind, spur-of-the-moment
Choice we make when we allow the emotions of fear, guilt, or greed
to take control of our mind and our Actions. Impulsive Decisions
also occur when we relinquish our personal Sovereignty to external
pressures created by people or Events.

We justify our Impulsive Decisions with statements such as, "I just
had to do something!", or "I don't know what I was thinking at the
time". Impulsive Decisions, because they are quick and emotional,
are almost always followed by tragedy or regret.

A Deliberate Decision, on the other hand, is a long-developing
process in which we grapple with many different options, feelings
and Demons before coming to a final conclusion.

Examples of long-developing Deliberate Decisions are: changing
jobs, changing careers, discontinuing a Relationship, choosing a
college, moving to a new city...or country.

A long-developing Decision, just like a long-developing Event, has
many intricate ingredients Woven into it. All these ingredients
require Time to simmer, to Marinate, before a final conclusion can
be reached.

When we find ourselves confronted with a long-developing Decision
we are actually entering a period of Change in our lives. We are
confronting the Sphinx and its Riddle. We are entering a period of
Traveling, stagnation, and suspension, in which only Time and
patience can see us through.

Deliberate Decisions are represented Symbolically, by the card of
"The Hanged Man" in the Tarot deck. Metaphorically, it represents
a person in a state of suspension or stagnation who is viewing their
situation from different perspectives in order to Seek a proper
solution to their current dilemma.

Just like The Hanged Man, we too are in an uncomfortable state of
suspension, viewing our situation from different perspectives, when
we are in the midst of a Deliberate Decision. Once we have obtained
all the information and Insight required to solve our current dilemma
our state of suspension will come to an end and we can then proceed
down the next Path of our Current Incarnation.

Unlike the Impulsive Decision, a Deliberate Decision cannot be
explained by way of a simple statement or cliche. A Deliberate
Decision is far too detailed and intricate. Many options, feelings,
and insights, were explored. Many Demons were grappled with.
A great amount of Time, patience, and emotion, was expended in
getting us to our final conclusion.

This is why we find it so difficult when we try to "quickly" explain
our Deliberate Decisions to another person. Metaphorically, we find
ourselves trying to explain a gourmet recipe to someone as if it
came from a ready-made packet.

Deliberate Decisions can be difficult and painful. However, these
are the decisions, and Choices, which enable us to grow. They allow
us to travel new Paths. They enable us to experience new Horizons
that are just beyond our eyesight. They are an integral part of our
Current Incarnation.

See also: "Emotional Decisions"

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