Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gnosis - An Inner Knowing

"Seek, and ye shall find."
Luke 11:9

"All cosmic secrets must be pursued and earned."
- Joseph Panek

Gnosis is loosely translated as wisdom or knowledge. However, the
word Gnosis carries a much deeper meaning. Esoterically, Gnosis
means Inner Knowing. It is profound, or mystical, Knowledge
attained through personal insight and revelation.

Gnosis is an Epiphany (an "aha" moment if you will) through which
we become elevated to a higher spiritual plane in which we are able
to understand, access, and channel through us, the highest levels of
Divine Truth, Awareness, and Wisdom.

Gnosis, or Inner Knowing, is the primary Quest of all Initiates and
Seekers. It is the insightful ability to know that although there are
many Debates, arguments, and Opinions surrounding and distorting
every issue, there is only One Truth underlying that particular issue.

And although the term Gnosis can pertain to any level of Truth,
Awareness, and Wisdom, the true Seeker of Gnosis is solely
concerned with attaining Wisdom and Insight on the highest
spiritual and cosmic plane. Therefore the dedicated Gnostic,
Seeker, and Initiate makes every effort to avoid all mundane
confrontations, confusions and pitfalls which can distract him,
or her, away from their Spiritual Quest.

When we study Gnosticism, the Vedas, and other ancient texts, we
are instructed not to blindly follow any teachings simply because we
want to believe them, wish to believe them, or are expected to
believe them, due to force or guilt. However, if the Spiritual Truth
we are pursuing unveils itself to us by way of an inner knowing,
a spiritual understanding, or a Harmonious feeling, then we can
feel quite certain that whatever it is that we have discovered is most
likely the Truth we have been seeking.

Divine Truths and Sacred Wisdom are shrouded in mystery. They
await discovery by a Seeker or Initiate who is on a Quest for Truth
and Wisdom. When the Veil which shrouds an Infinite Mystery is
lifted before us we are able to view, experience, and understand that
Divine Truth which was once kept hidden from us...This is Gnosis!

These Gnostic, or Epiphany, moments are usually accompanied by
self-exclamations such as, "Gee, that makes a lot of sense", or
"I actually knew that but I never looked at it that way".

Self-Unfoldment, or Gnosis, is the at the center of all ancient
teachings. This is why the Ancient Mystery Schools and the most
noble "secret societies" did not, and still do not, recruit members.
For Truth neither recruits nor forces itself upon anyone. The Truth
is simply The Truth. It is the Holy Grail that must be sought out and
earned by the worthy and well-qualified Seeker!

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