Sunday, January 4, 2009

Free Will

"Our Free Will is 'Our Right To Choose'."
- Joseph Panek

We come into this Incarnation with a number of very customized
Spiritual Gifts. These Spiritual Gifts make up our Divine Nature.
These Gifts consist of our mind, our imagination, our intuition,
our instincts, and our emotions. These customized Gifts are the
"personality" we are born with. They are ready for us to use from
the moment we take our first breath.

The Spiritual Architect within us that determines how these Gifts
are used is what we refer to as our Free Will. And although we are
born with all our Spiritual Gifts intact, they cannot do anything
until "something" puts them in motion. That "something" is our
Free Will. It Chooses how we will use these Gifts to Create, Evaluate,
and React to every single Event and Decision that we encounter
on our Personal Path.

Our Free Will is the ultimate Decision maker for how we will
experience "life" in this Incarnation. It determines the Karma
we Create and the Destiny we Experience.

Our Free Will: how Precious it is. It is our Divine Right to make, and
carry out, a Decision whether it is right or wrong. It provides us
with the Opportunity to savor the satisfaction of our Achievements
and experience the discomforts of our Blunders. Our Free Will allows
us to Choose to learn from both Achievement and Failure.

Our Free Will is the one Gift that no-one can take away from us. We
can exercise its Magical Power any time we Choose. And although
we can Choose to not use it, or Choose to let it lie dormant, it is
something that can never be taken from us.

Our Free Will is the one Divine Gift over which we have complete
control. The Choices it allows us to make are limitless. Therefore,
we must be very careful when using our Gift of Free Will so that we
always Choose Wisely!

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