Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bells and Chimes (As Symbols)

"Think when the bells do chime,
'T is angels' music."

-George Herbert

The Symbolism of Bells and Chimes is wide-ranging.

Bells and Chimes are used in Ceremonies, celebrations, and
announcements by numerous cultures throughout the world.

A Bell has a domed top, a flat and circular bottom, and, except
for its clapper, is hollow within. Its domed top and flat bottom
make it similar in Symbolism to the Tortoise. However, the Bell
Symbolizes much more.

The Bell's dome represents the vault of heaven above. Its flat,
circular bottom represents the flat, circular Horizon of the earth.
The clapper represents the Tongue, Word, and Voice of Divinity;
also known as the Hermetic Logos. The empty space within
represents all that is contained between heaven and earth.

When the clapper hits the inner side of the Bell, it Symbolizes
a message being resonated and created within the vault, or
dome, of heaven and delivered to the earth below.

Bells have a wide variety of Symbolic and practical uses.

Bells are used in our alarm clocks to waken us from rest and
urge us forth into our daily pursuits.

Bells are used in classrooms to announce the beginning and end
of classes. They are also used to notify us that the time-period
for a test, or exam, has expired.

Bells are used to announce the passage from one station to
another in religious rituals. They are also used in Rites of Passage
and Initiation Ceremonies to proclaim that a worthy and well-
qualified individual has passed from one station in their life to
a loftier one.

Ships and boats sound their Bells when sailing through thick Fog
in order to announce their presence and location to the other
vessels in their vicinity.

Bells have a wide range of pitches and tones. The pitch and tone
of a Bell set the mood, and Symbolism, which that particular Bell
is designed to represent.

The higher tones lift people's spirits, represent happiness, and
Symbolize a closeness to Spirit. the lower tones can dampen
people's spirits, instill an unhappy and somber mood, and are
Symbols of the gross and mundane.

Low-pitched Bells summon the masses to obligated meetings and
rituals. They are also used in clock towers to inform us of the hour
of the day in our material realm.

High-pitched Bells, along with Chimes, are used in religious
processions and Ceremonies to invoke Divinity and remind the
participants of the high-solemnity of the spiritual service.

High-pitched Bells announce holy days. They are also used to
celebrate and Remember joyous and festive Events.

And in their highest tone, and loudest volume, Bells are sounded
to proclaim the end of a war or conflict, and celebrate liberation
and freedom; such as the Bells we hear being joyously sounded
at the end of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture".

Chimes, on the other hand, are uncontained and free-moving
pieces of metal, glass, and wood which resonate against each
other by being either shaken by hand or blown by the wind.

Chimes resonate at a much higher, and gentler, pitch than do
Bells and therefore Symbolize higher spiritual essences.

Chimes, along with very high-pitched Bells, summon and
announce the presence of the higher Spirits; including Divinity

Wind Chimes invoke happiness, high-spiritedness, peacefulness,
the good Spirits, and Divinity. They are also placed around
people's homes, and sacred places, to banish evil spirits and
negative energies.

The gentle, high-pitched, tinkling sound of Chimes also announces
the presence of the Unicorn.

Chimes are also used at festive wordly occasions. The tinkling
(Chiming) of glasses at a wedding celebration, by tapping a spoon
against a glass, calls everyone's attention to the fact that a toast
is about to be made in honor of the new bride and groom.

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Unknown said...

Good morning :-) I have just been working on a Spirit Painting and wanted to understand more about a bell which was part of it. Your blog information was excellent and very useful to me. Thankyou! Many Blessings to you <3

p.s. I also have a blog on blogger would welcome your comments there too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. It is a great reference on the deep symbolism of bells! Loved the insights.

Unknown said...

Thank you! Very insightful! Love and Blessings xxx