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"One who knows does not speak.
One who speaks does not know"

- Tao Teh Ching, Lesson 56

"Bear in mind that those who are finer and nobler
are always alone - and necessarily so - and that
because of this they can enjoy the purity
of their own atmosphere."

- Albert Einstein

As we Travel through our Current Incarnation we come to recognize,
time and again, that there are two sides to every idea, issue, and

Furthermore, we also find that a trait which can present itself in a
positive light in one person can present itself in a negative light in
another person.

A trait is a tool. And, just like any other tool, a trait can be used to
either create or destroy. For example: a hammer, by itself is simply
a tool. However, a hammer can be used to either build (positive) or
destroy (negative). Neither of these outcomes make the hammer a
good tool or a bad tool. What makes a hammer Appear to be either
positive or negative is the way it is used.

This same Truth applies to how we Choose to use the traits which
we incorporate into our personality.

With this introduction in mind, let us now take a look at the trait of
Arrogance and how it expresses itself through different people.

All things which exist within the realm of Duality have a dual nature,
or purpose. The same holds true for the trait of Arrogance; it has a
positive aspect and it has a negative aspect.

Arrogance can be described as aloofness, indifference, and the
Appearance of acting superior to others. Neither of these aspects,
by themselves, are either positive or negative.

What does make Arrogance either positive or negative is Intent.
Negative Arrogance forces and imposes itself upon others, while
Positive Arrogance simply distances itself from others.

Negative Arrogance:

Negative Arrogance is the kind of personality, or behavior, that we
have come to associate with the term Arrogance. It is by far the
most common, and it is the type of Arrogance which most of us
are familiar with.

Negative arrogance is nothing more than one huge and pompous
"ego trip" in which a person behaves in a way that attempts to show
to the world that he, or she, is "better" than everyone else. These
are the petty tyrants and aristocratically minded persons who are
forever attempting to dominate and impose their ways upon others
through force, cunning, and deceit.

Those who possess Negative Arrogance generally make such a
pest of themselves that others eventually let them "have their way"
in the hope that they will go away satisfied.  However, these types
of people are never satisfied and are always coming back for more
attention, accolades, and acceptance.

And though these persons eventually do attract an "entourage",
they are the kind of people who, for the most part, are disliked,
distrusted, and avoided by the purer and nobler minds.

Positive Arrogance:

Positive Arrogance is an extremely rare trait. And though the
individuals who possess Positive Arrogance may Appear to be
aloof and indifferent, it is for an entirely different reason.

These individuals possess Insights into, and Awareness of, ideas
and concepts which are a total mystery to others. These are the
rare few who, because they maintain a completely open mind, are
the beneficiaries of insights, imaginings, visions, and creativity
which are ignored by the average person, the mainstream "expert",
and their egotistically arrogant "know-it-all" counterparts.

And because the Visions, Horizons, and Dreams of these individuals
are so wide and far-reaching, they simply have no Time to waste, or
interest to give, to all of the pettiness and fanfare which dominates
society and attracts the masses.

The individuals who possess Positive Arrogance are the Lone Wolfs,
Trailblazers, and the Wizards and Wanderers of their particular
Time in history.

These individuals are often frustrated that they can so easily "see"
and understand the great abstract concepts which are far beyond the
grasp of society and it mainstream "experts". Their Incarnations are
often materialistically unrewarding but always spiritually rewarding.
These Lone Wolfs Choose to distance themselves from humanity
and only mingle with society when it is absolutely necessary. And
it is for this reason that these individuals, who truly are superior,
appear to the world to be aloof, indifferent, and "arrogant".

Closing Thoughts:

Whenever we hear something spoken by a person who appears
to be presenting themself, and their ideas, in an aloof, indifferent,
superior, and "arrogant" manner, we should ask ourselves the
following questions.

Is it an Arrogance that comes from an "ego trip" of someone who
is attempting to dominate us and impose their will upon us? Or...
Is it an Arrogance that comes from Wisdom, earned knowledge,
and unwavering sureness; which are products of independent
examination, experimentation, analysis, and discovery?

If what we are hearing comes from the former, it is Negative
Arrogance and should be looked upon with extreme caution. If,
however, what we are hearing comes from the latter, it is Positive
Arrogance deserves our full consideration.

To know, and to be Aware, are gifts which are bestowed upon
those persons who can handle the singular, solitary existence.
These are the True Individuals who are in pursuit of noble Quests
and who follow the lure of distant Horizons.

The Wiser and more knowledgeable we Become, the less we have
in common with the rest of the world. This brings about frustration
and impatience not only with the common masses, but with our
perceived "peers" as well. These frustrations are what cause the
Truly Superior person to appear aloof, alone, and indifferent.

These frustrations also cause these individuals to distance
themselves from society and incorporate into themselves the
trait of Positive Arrogance.

These Independent Thinkers and Lone Wolfs continue their Seeker's
journey for Truth andWisdom in the purer atmosphere of their own
company. They Become the Hermits, the Wizards and Wanderers,
and the Trailblazers of history, myth, and legend.

These legendary and historical Heroes pursue their lofty Quests
and distant Horizons alone. And eventually they ascend, again
alone, to their well-deserved higher planes of purer existence.

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1 comment:

DeRicki Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic of Arrogance. Although I have long believed that personality traits are simply manifestations of the spiritual force within us; with our physical connection to reality serving as a prism-like "lens." The hue, saturation and brightness of our spirits become observable to others in our shared reality much like light being observed being emitted from a prism. I don't remember ever following this belief to such a logically derived realization - that all personality traits then become neutral in nature, but perceived as positive or negative manifestation based on the intent or expression of the spirit through the material lens of our existence. This light has illuminated another dark corner. Joy in journey, friend...