Sunday, May 30, 2010

Personality And Reputation

"You will always gravitate to that 
which you secretly most love.
Men do not attain that which they want

but that which they are."
-James Allen

Each one of us has a specific, particular personality. There has
never been, nor will there ever be, an individual personality such
as each one of us possesses ever again. Our personality is our
Divine Nature. It is the basis of, and ultimately creates, our

Our Personality and Reputation is an aura which permeates from
us, surrounds us, and precedes us, wherever we may go.

We have all heard the saying, "his reputation precedes him", or,
"her reputation precedes her" when referring to someone we are
about to meet or hear speak. These references are a preconceived
measurement of a persons honesty, character, talents and abilities.

In addition, many of us have had the experience of meeting someone
with whom we were either immediately comfortable, or
uncomfortable, of having in our presence. These "gut feelings" are
an intuitive assessment of the other persons aura and instantly
determine the Compatibility, or incompatibility, we feel toward that
other individual.

In the same way in which someone else projects their personality
and trust towards us, we too project similar intuitive signals to

Our Personality: Our actions, our spoken and unspoken words,
our manners, our eye contact and our body language are a
Reflection of who we are. They are the first "signals" we radiate to
others which determine if a new acquaintance will Choose to be an
integral part of our life, a casual colleague, or someone who, for any
number of reasons, may not want any future contact with us.

It is interesting to also consider how often so many of us try to be
what others expect us to be, or do what others expect us to do, in
order to "gain favor" with a particular individual or group. However,
in the end we find that it is not possible for us to maintain this type
of false facade for very long and eventually we find ourselves
reverting, often frustratingly, to the personality we truly are. For
regardless of how hard we try to be someone, or something, who we
are not, in the end we can only be that which we are. Consequently,
it is always in our best interest for us to understand our true
personality and forever strive to be the best "us" that we can
possibly be.

Our Reputation: Our Reputation is the ultimate display of our
Personality. Our Reputation is measured by the consistency of our
behavior and the responsibility we assume for our Words and Actions.

Can we keep a secret? Can we be trusted with the belongings of
another...regardless of how great or small these belongings may be?
Are we ego driven or are we sensitive? Are we more interested in
talking than we are in listening? Do we gossip instead of compliment?
Are we more concerned with complaining about what we don't have
than we are in being thankful for all we do have?

Our Personality and Reputation determine who we truly are and
how we appear to the outside world. They determine the persons
and situations that we will gravitate towards. They also influence
the individuals and experiences which we will attract to us. In
addition, our Personality and Reputation govern any Karmic debts
or rewards we may incur.

And as most of us sincerely want peace and Harmony in our lives it
is always in our best interest to keep our Personality and Reputation
as pure as possible. In doing so we will no longer simply Hope that
we can stumble across positive people and experiences for the
purity of our nature will act as a magnet which attracts these
individuals and circumstances into our daily life.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2010
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1 comment:

Questor said...

Your post echoes my own perspectives in many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you care to have a look at what the Dalai Lama says on this subject …
Cheers, Questor