Sunday, August 15, 2010

Devolution - From Gods To Vassals

"Why settle for mere mortality when you can be gods?"
- Hermetic Wisdom

"Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the
outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing
on within themselves."

- Nikola Tesla

Ancient teachings from nearly all cultures tell us of a distant Time
when gods and Giants lived among, interacted with, and mated
with mankind. As it would be extremely difficult for Giants to mate
with humans, we may conclude that the word Giant must somehow
be either a Mis-translation, or have an altogether different meaning.
Perhaps the word, or Symbol, for "Giant" has been mis-interpreted
and should actually translate as: "god", "Advanced Specie", or
"Enlightened Being".

In any event, ancient mythologies, legends, and teachings are very
much united in that at one Time, in our very remote past, gods
mingled with humanity. Ancient scriptures refer to this era as
mankind's Golden Age. It was during this most distant and remote
Time that human beings communicated with each other, inter-
mingled, and self-governed themselves, by way of their highest
faculty: their Spiritual Mind.

During this Golden Age, all was good and peaceful. There was no
turmoil, stress, or greed. All persons respected each other and
whatever someone needed, or wished to communicate, was accomp-
lished by using one’s Spiritual Mind.

This Golden Age was the era of Prima Materia and Prisca Sapientia,
which are referred to in Hermetic and Alchemical teachings. Prima
Materia is the first, or prime, matter; the pure original matter from
which all other matter evolves. Prisca Sapientia is the Pristine
Knowledge, the First Knowledge, the Pure Wisdom, which was
available to all, and used by all. Prima Materia and Prisca Sapientia
are Divine Principles which appear only at beginnings. In other
words, these two Principles were responsible for ushering in
mankind and its Golden Age; its Zep Tepi; its First Time.

Then something happened. The gods departed, taking all of their
splendor and Wisdom with them. Mankind was left to take care of
itself and evolve on its own. But instead of humanity continuing to
act and govern itself in its purest and godlike fashion, it began to

Slowly and unnoticeable at first, without the gods to provide for
them and encourage them, our distant ancestors started to become
lazy and apathetic. Instead of using the highest faculty of their
Spiritual Minds they started to Devolve by relying more and more
upon their more basic and mundane faculties.

It was during this era that mankind abandoned mental communicat-
ion for the convenience of words. However, because their mental
powers were still very strong, our ancestors were able to memorize
and repeat enormous verses, tales, Rituals, and epics simply by
hearing them only once. This was the era of retention and Instruction
by Memory.

The era of Memory was followed by the era of writing. It was during
this era that our ancestors slipped from memorizing and retaining
large verses, tales, rituals and epics and began to write them down;
first through Symbols, then through written words. During this era,
our ancestors no longer needed to rely on their higher faculties of
memory and retention, they simply had to remember where they
left their scrolls and books.

Now, after many centuries of "modernization" mankind has Devolved
to the point where our language has become corrupted and confused,
Words have lost their true original meanings, and our spelling is no
longer a concern for us. Today, everything we need to know and rely
upon is "conveniently" stored on some sort of computer device; and
woe to us should our batteries fail or our device "crashes". Should
our devices fail, for any reason, those of us who rely solely on our
devices, and not upon our wits and skills, will become hopelessly

From being "one" with the gods during our Golden Age, mankind
has slowly Devolved into vassals, slaves if you will, of our most basic
material whims and our most recent state-of-the-art conveniences.

From using the highest faculties of our Spiritual Minds to obtain
whatever we require, we have Devolved into creatures who rely
solely upon the latest technology while also depending on others
to both think for us and, hopefully, "take care" of us.

Mankind has now created for itself an era in which the majority of
the masses lie shattered upon the jagged rocks of false Hope, endless
disappointment, and fractured Relationships in nearly every segment
of society. From the apex of Spiritual Purity which prevailed long ago
during mankind's Golden Age, humanity now finds itself staring into
the dark abyss of extreme polarization and frustration which it has
wrought upon itself through laziness and apathy.

It appears as though the pendulum has swung to its extreme and
that the end of an Age, a Cycle, is before us. However, the Death of
one Cycle is the creative Seed from which the next new Cycle is
born. One can only wonder at how many of these Cycles mankind
has experienced throughout the endless eons of Eternity.

For those individuals who recognize this Eternal Cyclical Law of the
Universe, there is the understanding, and anticipation, that a new
Golden Age is getting ready to dawn; a new First Time in which
Prima Materia and Prisca Sapentia will once again un-Veil
themselves to mankind as they usher in a new Golden Age.

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