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The Known, The Unknown and The Unknowable
(Mysticism, Spirituality and Symbolism)

"You control the barrier between your consciousness
and what you seek. You merely need to open your mind.
The truth is, all knowledge, everything that is and was
and will be, is everywhere --- out there, and in all of us."

- Oma Desala (to Daniel Jackson)
Stargate SG1, "Reckoning, Part 1"

In our journey through our Current Incarnation in the material realm
we use our rational and logical mind to make judgments, come to
Decisions, evaluate options, and Learn new skills.

Our rational and logical mind is a powerful tool which helps us to
examine and assess the conditions, Choices and potential dangers
which confront us during our physical lifetimes.

Our rational and logical mind has complete access to all that is
Known and all that is Unknown. However, as powerful as our
rational and logical mind may be, it does not have access to,
and therefore cannot comprehend and explain, the Unknowable.

With these Thoughts in mind, let us now take a close look at the
Known, the Unknown and the Unknowable.

The Known consists of all of the things we have already Learned
and know to be True and factual.

Some examples of what we Know are: simple addition and
subtraction, the sun rises in the east, the law of gravity (if we
drop something it wall fall to the ground), how to walk and run,
how to read and write, plus all of the other things we have
already Learned which competently serve us in our daily lives.

However, it is important to understand that the Known does not
consist of Beliefs, Opinions, Hopes, or blind Faith which either we,
or someone else has planted into our consciousness.

The Unknown consists of all the experiences, knowledge and
skills that are available to us in this physical realm which we
have not yet come to Learn, understand and utilize.

For example:

We may not know how to speak Portuguese. However we can
Learn how to speak this, or any other language, by simply
taking a course in that particular subject.

Similarly, we may not Know how to sing, paint, draw, drive a car,
perform magic tricks, speak in public, throw a baseball, play a
musical instrument, perform calculus or understand the movement
of the stars and planets.

However, although these things may be currently Unknown to us,
they are definitely Knowable. The obtaining of any Unknown
knowledge simply requires that we take the Time, and make the
effort, to Learn these new skills, concepts and attributes.

The Unknowable:

"Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind."
 - Donovan, singer and songwriter

The Unknowable consists of all of the cosmic concepts and Divine
Truths which can never be understood and explained by the rational
and logical mind.

These are the concepts which tease, baffle and mesmerize us.
The more we try to rationalize The Unknowable the dizzier and
more awe-struck we become.

Within The Unknowable we find all of the metaphysical (beyond
the physical) Truths and doctrines which can never be grasped by
us through any of our Thought processes; no matter how hard we
may try.

Ancient texts tell us of Deities which existed before the beginning
and which will remain long after the end. How can this concept be
explained rationally and logically by the use of clumsy and
limiting Words?

It cannot. For infinite Truths cannot be grasped and explained by
the finite mind.

Ancient texts also tell us of Deities which are self-created,
self-begotten, and only-begotten. Again, how can this infinite and
Divine Truth be understood and explained by a rational and logical
mind which is restricted and limited in the way it can process only
finite information?

How many of us have tried to grasp the concept of eternity?

We imagine that we are proceeding to the most outer limits of
all that is. We finally arrive at what we think is the boundary of
eternity, but what happens then? If this is the end then it cannot
be eternal. And if this is the boundary of eternity, that alone tells
us that there is something beyond this boundary; something on
the other side. Therefore, eternity never ends; no matter how we
may try to imagine and rationalize that it does.

Furthermore, not only does eternity have no end; it also has
no beginning! How mind-boggling is this concept to the rational
and logical mind? We know that eternity is a Divine Truth.
Yet, on the other hand, we know that eternity can never be
rationally and logically understood and explained.

That is why the ancients Chose the Circle to Symbolize the
eternal, the everlasting and The All.

The only way the area and the circumference of a Circle can
be measured is by the use of a formula which contains the
mathematical function called pi. Pi is an irrational number.
Regardless of how many decimal points we use to calculate
pi, we never come to an ending digit. Pi represents the concept
of eternity in that although we can come closer and closer to
understanding pi we can never fully resolve this mathematical

Pi is the perfect concept of the Circle; of the eternal; and of
Divinity itself. For, no matter how much we learn about the eternal
and Divine, we can never fully grasp, understand and explain
what it is with our finite and limiting minds.

This is what the Tao Teh Ching is referring to when it states that
"one who knows the Tao cannot tell (explain) it".

The realm of The Unknowable is the realm of insight and intuition;
Gnosis and epiphanies; inner knowing and Divine revelation.

Although The Unknowable can be accepted to be real and True, it
can never be verbally explained. The Unknowable is the Veil of Isis
which no mortal may pierce.

We acknowledge, and pay homage to, the The Unknowable each
time we conclude our Prayers with the word "Amen".

Amen is a variation of the Words Amon, Omon and Amun which
appear in ancient texts, legends, and metaphysical teachings.

These terms all mean "hidden" and "Unknowable" and refer to that
one power, that one essence and that one Unknowable beginner
and end of all creation which we refer to as Divinity.

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