Sunday, June 28, 2009

Learning (Lessons)

"If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well,
one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of
many things."

-Vincent van Gogh

Learning, Seeking out knowledge, and un-Veiling the intricate
Cycles and patterns of the universe is a lifelong Adventure.

All great Seekers of Wisdom and knowledge understand that the
more we learn, the more we realize just how little we really know.
The further we extend our minds, the more we thirst for the
knowledge and Insights that lay just beyond our current mental
Horizon. And although we realize that what we can learn is but a
microscopic fraction of All That Is, we still embrace our Great
Adventure into uncharted realms as we pursue the undiscovered
knowledge which beckons us.

When we begin a Journey which requires us to learn something new,
the task can seem overwhelming. Where do we begin? How do we
acquire the skills that we feel are so far beyond our reach?

To quote an ancient Chinese proverb, "The longest journey begins
with a single step." We simply take the first step. We don't worry
about it. We don't allow it to intimidate us. We simply "take the
first step". Upon doing so we begin to acquire the new skills and
knowledge which we have been seeking.

Once we embark upon our pursuit of knowledge we come to realize
that each new discovery leads us to a new realm, which leads us to
more questions, which leads to another discovery, which leads to yet
another new realm. We find that The Road "goes ever on and on":
leading us further and further, and higher and higher, until we
eventually reach that which we have been pursuing.

In addition, for us to master one skill we find that we must also
master a number of additional skills. A great scientist must not only
be a master of Science, but also a master of mathematics, physics
and numerous other skills which are naturally inter-Woven with
the field of Science. A great orator must not only master the the art
of Speaking but must also be a great word-smith, writer, persuader,
promoter and Thinker. So, as we can see, Learning is not only a skill
that we must continually cultivate, it is also a skill that embraces
many additional fields.

Formal education is merely the first step in our continual pursuit
of knowledge. All Master Teachers, great philosophers and
Spiritual Explorers understand this Eternal Truth. Therefore,
in our pursuit of knowledge, and eventually Wisdom, we must not
only expand our minds into new ideas and new fields, but we must
also keep an open mind. An open mind enables us to hear the
messages, ideas and information which the Universe is continually
sending us. Messages, ideas and information which often come to
us from the most unusual sources.

And, finally, we must understand that Learning is a process and not
a destination. It is a process which, if properly pursued, eventually
leads us to that most coveted and enchanting realm of all: The Realm
Enlightenment and Wisdom!

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