Sunday, December 5, 2010

Traveling (Symbol, Metaphor, I Ching)

"All journeys have secret destinations
of which the traveler is unaware."

- Martin Buber, philosopher and theologian

Although many of us may be unaware of it, we spend a great deal
of our time Traveling. Traveling does not merely consist of the
occasional vacation we may take to some distant land; this is
merely recreational traveling. Metaphorical and metaphysical
Traveling, however, occurs within us. It is an integral part of our
Current Incarnation. We engage in this type of Traveling when a
segment of our life comes to a close, or when we enthusiastically
make plans to embark upon new Adventures and "tackle" new

Whenever we make plans to Change our lives, however large or
small these plans may be, we are mentally and metaphysically
embracing Traveling. We realize that a magic moment has been
sparked within us. Our mind and intuition tell us that the time has
arrived for us to "move on".

There are basically three types of Traveling: Traveling away from
something; Traveling towards something; or, Traveling due to
Curiosity. Let's take a quick look at all three of these types of

Traveling away from something: We do this kind of Traveling
for one of two reasons: either to avoid danger, or to run away from
a problem of our own creation.

When we Travel in order to escape a real danger, we are doing so
for self-protection and peace of mind. This is a legitimate form of
Travel and is a highly recommended precaution we should take in
order to protect our physical and mental well being.

However, if we are Traveling in order to run away from a problem
of our own creation, Traveling will do us no good. For until we can
finally stand up to, conquer, and exorcise the Inner Demons which
are responsible for the problems of our own creation, the calamities
we have created for ourselves at our past destinations will be the
same calamities which will be awaiting us at all of our future
destinations. We cannot run away from who we currently are. We
can only Change who we currently are so that the problems of our
Past do not accompany us into our future.

Traveling toward something: In its most esoteric sense, this
type of Traveling is represented by hexagram number 56 of the
"I Ching". Hexagram 56 Symbolizes "Traveling" and it follows
hexagram number 55 which Symbolizes "Prosperity". Hexagram
56 teaches us that after a period of Prosperity, or Abundance, has
completed its Cycle in our life, a Time for Traveling and "moving on"
is upon us.

This reminds us that once a certain achievement, purpose, or
plateau of our life has come to a successful conclusion, the time
has come for us to set our sights upon our next higher purpose.
It is now time to embrace Sacrifice and pursue the journey which
will ultimately lead us to the next elevated plateau of our
Current Incarnation. This transition period is generally a time of
temporary stagnation which must be endured by us so that we
can learn new skills and Wisely prepare ourselves for the next
upward step in our life.

Traveling due to Curiosity: Of all the reasons for someone to
Travel, this is perhaps the purest and noblest reason of all. For
the realm of Curiosity is the Adventure-land of the Seeker, the
Lone Wolf, and Wizards and Wanderers.

Those who Choose to Travel in the realm of Curiosity do so for
the rewards that this kind of Traveling can bestow upon them.
These Travelers seek knowledge in order to turn it into Wisdom.
They acquire new friendships and acquaintances for the
experiences and Lessons that can be gained from these individuals.
They are continually mastering the necessary new skills that enable
them to journey into the most distant Horizons of their current
earthly Adventure.

These Travelers are humble Wayfarers anxious to explore the
invisible Paths that lead to the Secret and Mysterious. They follow
the same irresistible calling of all Master Teachers and Trailblazers
who have come before them; a calling to blaze a trail which opens
up new Horizons for not only the Traveler, but for all those who will
eventually follow these Traveler's Path.

Their ultimate destination is not their immediate concern. For they
realize that their final destination can never be attained in the
material realm. Their journey is a never-ending Adventure which
beckons these unique Travelers to continually ascend to higher and
higher realms until they eventually reach the highest realm of all:
the Realm of Unity, Peace, and Enlightenment.

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