Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crossroads - Symbol And Metaphor

"It is our choices that show what we truly are,
far more than our abilities."

- Professor Dumbledore in J.K. Rowling's
"Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets"

A Crossroad is any point where two or more Paths Intersect. This
intersection Symbolizes the focal point of Decision and Creation. It
represents a "meeting place", or a period of contemplation, where
Thoughts and Ideas must Marinate before becoming either a
Decision or a Creation. It also represents a midpoint where the
gods bring people, ideas, and Events together in order to satisfy

Symbolically, a Crossroad is represented by either the Symbol X,
or the Symbol Y.

When represented by the Symbol X, the Crossroad portrays
Creation or Decision in the material realm. This is due to the fact
that the X has four distinct "legs", and four is the number which
represents matter. The Midpoint of this Symbol, the point at which
its two lines intersect, represents the Union of Duality. Therefore,
the Symbol X represents the Union of Duality in the material
realm; or material creation.

An example of this concept can be found in the familiar surroundings
of the corner tavern, park, or general store where people congregate
and where fellowship is shared and enjoyed; after which everyone
returns from whence they originally came. It is at Crossroads such
as these that the Seeds of new friendships, and new ideas, take
root, grow, and blossom.

A prime example of such a Crossroad is the ancient city of
Alexandria which was a central meeting place for people of all
cultures. It was at Alexandria that people from all different walks of
life met, shared, and deposited their knowledge and Beliefs. It was
the ideal Midpoint for the Blending of Differences.

When represented by the Symbol Y, the Crossroad signifies
Creation or Decision in the mental or spiritual realm. This is due
to the fact that the Symbol Y has three distinct "legs", and three
is the number which signifies creation in the unseen world; the world
of Mind and Spirit. The Midpoint of this Symbol, the point at which
its three lines intersect, is the focal point of all abstract Creation
and Decision (See: "Trivia" and the "Three Gunas").

The Y Crossroad is the lonely fork-in-the-road where we gaze at
two separate roads which fade into the Horizon and must decide
which Road we will travel. It is the point at which the Lone Traveler,
or the Lone Wolf, must make an important Choice. For although
we can see to the Horizon, we cannot see that which is beyond.
The Adventures we experience beyond the Horizon of the Road we
ultimately Choose to travel will change our life forever, and we will
not return as the same person who initially ventured forth.

The Y Crossroad is the Crossroad which appears in Mythology
and Legend and is a metaphor for the lone, personal, enigmatic,
and life-changing Decisions which constantly confront us as we
journey through our Current Incarnation.

As no great decision should ever be made lightly, the Y Crossroad
also represents a time and place of pause, contemplation, and
Marination of Thought which we all must suffer through, and accept,
prior to moving onward.

As we travel from one Crossroad to another we begin to understand
that every Decision we make brings forth a Creation into our life. We
also begin to understand that every Creation which manifests itself in
our life is but the result of some Decision we made at some previous
Crossroad in our Past.

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