Sunday, August 16, 2009


"The simplest things are often the truest."
-Richard Bach

Simplicity eliminates confusion. Whereas confusion results when
we complicate an issue, Simplicity enables us to rid ourselves of
confusion and see issues and Events clearly.

Simplicity is one of the Divine Principles which the Master Teachers
of antiquity revered, practiced and passed on to their Students. This
includes: Simplicity in lifestyle, Simplicity in Thought, Simplicity in
evaluating an issue or Event, and Simplicity in Actions.

Today we are trained to Believe that genius lies in complexity; that
the more we can complicate an issue the more "sophisticated", and
"ingenious" we prove ourselves to be.

Nothing is further from the Truth. Genius lies in Simplicity. Only
Simplicity allows us to see things as they truly are. Only through
Simplicity can we see what is real and true.

Complexity, on the other hand, creates confusion and chaos. It
"clouds" our judgement in the same way that a heavy Mist blinds
our vision. Whenever we allow more than one issue to occupy our
mind we abandon Simplicity and complicate our lives.

In most instances the issues which confuse us are not complex
issues. They are merely Simple issues which we have Chosen to
make complex. We do this by attaching unrelated, or semi-related,
arguments and "information" onto them.

At the center of every complex problem or discussion there is one
central issue which has been hidden and buried deep beneath
layers of distracting arguments. This central issue is the "heart of
the matter". It is the one and only issue which needs to be resolved.
All of the other arguments are simply distractions which are designed
to confuse and fool us.

We practice the art of Simplicity in the same way we peel an
onion. We remove and discard, layer by layer, all unrelated
"information" and distracting arguments that cover up and hide the
"heart of the matter". Once we arrive at the heart of the matter
we are able to "see" the central issue clearly and thereby resolve

Simplicity is the ability to focus on one solitary issue at a time.
Once that issue is resolved, we are then able to move on to the
next solitary issue.

Also, Simplicity is ridding ourselves of all the vague, complicated,
and confusing Thoughts and activities which hamper us physically,
mentally and spiritually.

Peace, Harmony and Contentment reside within Simplicity. And
as these are the Virtues we truly strive for, we should make every
attempt to make our lives as Simple as possible.

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