Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interconnectedness - The Karmic Web
(Symbolism and Metaphor)

"Always in motion is the future."
-Yoda, Jedi Master, "Star Wars"

Ancient texts from India tell us of Indra's Web. It is a string of
Interconnected Pearls which vibrates at all points when it is
touched at any point.

From Mythologies and tales from other parts of the world we
encounter the Spider's Web which, like Indra's Web, vibrates
at all points when someone, or something, touches it.

What these Symbols are teaching us is this: Our Actions vibrate,
and continue to reverberate, throughout all of creation the moment
we commit an Act.  This reminds us that we must be very careful
of the Actions we put into motion; for they can bring Consequences
that not only affect our future, but also the future of others who may
be in the vibrational path of our Actions.

In addition, just as our Actions can have Unexpected Consequences
on others, the Actions of others can have Unexpected Consequences
upon us. Everything is Interconnected; everything is inter-twined;
every Action has its vibratory, and Karmic, Consequence.

A good way to picture the vibrations, and Interconnectedness, of
Actions is by way of the "Pebble Cast Into The Pond".

Imagine tossing a Pebble into a pond. The Pebble is basically
motionless from where it is tossed into the pond. It simply sinks
to the bottom and comes to a rest. However, the Pebble,
although appearing to be relatively insignificant, can have far-
reaching Consequences. In this seemingly insignificant way, the
Symbolism of the Pebble is similar to the Symbolism of the

The ripples, the Consequences, caused by this seemingly
insignificant Pebble continue outward to form an expanding
Circle that ultimately affects the farther reaches of the pond.

Now, imagine this: At the same Time that we are casting our
Pebble into the pond, another person casts another Pebble into
the pond in the vicinity of where we cast ours. Now the expanding,
Circles created by the two Pebbles are going to create an
unexpected effect upon each other. Plus they will now both have
expanding Consequences upon the pond. This represents the
independent, and most likely innocent, Actions of only two

Now, consider multiple people casting multiple Pebbles into the
same pond. These multiple Pebbles create multiple vibratory and
expanding Circles which have multiple and incalculable
Consequences upon each other. The pond never stops rippling.

And just as the pond never stops rippling from the many pebbles
(disturbances) cast into it, neither does either the Spider's Web, or
Indra's Web, stop vibrating from all of the Actions and disturbances
tossed upon them by the multitude of humanity. A humanity that is
vibrating these Webs every moment of every day.

And to carry this Symbolism and metaphor even one step further,
today's Consequences are not only affected by the Actions of
others, but also by the Actions of those who lived in the Past.

And consequently, the Actions (vibrations) created by people
today can very likely create Unexpected Consequences upon
those who live in the future.

Indra's Web, the Spider's Web, and the Pebble In The Pond,
Symbolize the Web of Life.

Every one of our Actions has a vibration, a ripple effect, that not
only affects today, but eternity as well. The moment we perform
an Action it is recorded in the Akashic Hall of Records with our
name next to it. And as our Actions affect not only today, but
vibrate well into the future, they can have a profound affect on
Times and Events not yet manifested.

With so many individuals currently vibrating so many parts of
the Web of Life, along with such a vast amount of unresolved
vibrations from the Past, it is easy to understand why we are
engulfed and overwhelmed with Consequences both expected
and unexpected.

With these Thoughts in mind, it is vitally important that we weigh
the potential Consequences of our Actions before we "toss our
Pebble into the Pond".

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1 comment:

M said...

The future can also influence the past. There is a story told by a rabi about a Polish town of Gerz and how this town was affected by events that would happen in the future.

I see in my life that what I think, recall or read comes back to me as an event, a presence, an echo from far away in the world.

I feel I am constantly sending ripples throughout the world.

I feel the other people also send ripples and some of those ripples are highly unwanted. I could give you examples, but I will not.

I wish everybody would only send good ripples, but it will not be so until all human beings come to know that everything they do, think, speak, feel have consequences.

I am a Roman Catholic and in the mass we confess to God the sins we have committed with thoughts, words, acts and omissions. We pray for forgiveness. we wish all our errors had no nasty consequences and they will not have consequences if God forgive our sins.