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Amnion, Amniotic Fluid, and Amnesia
(Past Life Recall)

"Through memory we travel against time,
through forgetfulness we follow its course."

- Joseph Joubert

The amnion is the membrane which surrounds and protects the
unborn fetus while in the womb.

Amniotic fluid is the fluid which protects and nurtures the fetus,
and allows it movement, while it is within the amnion.

Amnesia is a loss of recall whereby a person is unable to
remember a part of, or the entirety of, their life.

Now what do the words amnion, amniotic fluid and amnesia
have in common with each other?

To start with, each of these words have the same root beginning:

Prior to entering our Current Incarnation our Spirit resided in the
realm of Unity; an Unknowable and sublime realm of Beauty and
oneness within The All.

Ancient teachings speak of the process of Incarnation and
re-Incarnation which our Spirits participate in, and experience.

Furthermore, these teachings also inform us that our Incarnations
contain past lives, future lives and our current life. Also, we are
Instructed that we may be experiencing many simultaneous
Current Incarnations in various different realms and parallel

And, because Time has an entirely different nature in the Spiritual
realm, it is also possible that all of our Incarnations ( past, present
and future ) may be all happening at the same Time.

And, if all of this is not mind-boggling enough, ancient teachings
further inform us that we may have Chosen the specific aspects of
the Incarnation we are currently experiencing.

This means that, prior to descent into matter, our Spirit actually
Chose the physical Time, the planetary location, the historical
Events, and even the parents we Decided to be born to in this
Current Incarnation of ours.

Ancient teachings further inform us that, except for Avatars,
Incarnations and re-Incarnations are participated in by Spirits not
only for the purpose of experiencing the physical world of duality
but also for working off, and Learning to rid ourselves of, all of the
accumulated Karma from our Past, and even possibly future,

Once our physical experiences are ended and all Karma has been
worked away our Spirit is no longer subject to re-Incarnations in
this realm. At that point we either come to dwell in a much higher
realm or we ascend to the ultimate realm of The All.

Matter cannot exist without Spirit (See: "Spirit and Matter"). At the
moment of conception Spirit and sperm Become one in the egg of
the womb. The sperm grows into the fetus which lives within the
amniotic fluid, which is within the amnion, which is within the womb
of the mother.

The fetus spends approximately nine-months within the amnion.
After this Time the fetus breaks free of the amnion, leaves the
womb, and enters the world of duality as a newborn child.

But, what is happening to the fetus while it is dwelling within the
amniotic fluid, which is within the amnion, which is within the womb?
This is a very interesting question, and mystery, to ponder!

Let us explore a theory...a scenario.

Let us suppose that we have Chosen the Time, location, historical
period and parents of our Current Incarnation; all of which are
designed  to work off past Karma, refine our spirit, and rid ourselves
of Sin.

Then, as with any other journey we venture into, this would mean
that we have come into our Current Incarnation with all the
necessary tools and skills required to experience this Incarnation
and work out all of our past Karma and Sin. These tools and skills
would be already contained within the Divine Nature of our unique
personality; our Ba; our Atman.

Therefore, taking this one step further, if we come into our Current
Incarnation with all the skills and tools that we need this also
means that the experiences of our past Incarnations are already
a part of the Spiritual DNA which accompanies us into our
Current Incarnation.

This Spiritual DNA, which contains the building blocks and
substance of our personality, can be further referred to as the
attitude and Destiny (our objective, or "to-do" list if you will) which
accompanies us into our Current Incarnation.

Now we come to a big question:

If we come into our Current Incarnation with all the tools and skills
we require, what is the purpose of the Amnesia which erases from
our consciousness not only the Memory of the sublime realm of
Spirit, but also the Memory of all of our past lives?

And the answer is that Amnesia, the loss of recall of both the
Spirit realm and past lives, is necessary if we are to fulfill the
mission and Destiny of our Current Incarnation.

In regards to Memory of the Spirit realm:

Amnesia protects us from remembering the sublime Beauty of the
Spiritual Paradise which our Spirit has temporarily left in order to
enter into and experience our Current Incarnation.

For, if we were to Remember the sublime Beauty of the Spiritual
realm while in our Current Incarnation, we may be severely tempted
to end our Current Incarnation before the mission and purpose of
our Incarnation is complete.

We hear of many individuals, especially children, who want to
commit suicide after having a near death experience whereby the
Veil between their physical and Spiritual realms has been lifted
and they once again see the Beautiful realm they left when they
entered their current physical existence.

Amnesia, in this instance, is necessary if we are to complete the
task for which we entered this Current Incarnation of ours.

In regards to Memory of Past Lives:

Think of how cluttered up our minds would be if we could recall
every mistake, every foolish act, and every painful Memory we
both performed and experienced in all of our Past Lives

Then think of the powerful emotions, and melancholy, that can
possess us when we visit, or perhaps just simply think about,
the people and places of our distant Past; people and places
we may not have visited, or thought about, for decades.

Now compound this melancholy with the highly emotional
Thoughts of people and places from an infinitude of Past Lives;
people and places both tender and haunting; people and
places which are now closed to us, yet still Remember-able
through Past Life Recall.

These Remembrances would be more of a hindrance than an
asset to us in our current journey. We would be so overwhelmed,
haunted, confused, obsessed, tormented, and burdened by these
Past-Life Memories that we would never be able to accomplish the
objectives we set forth for ourselves when we Chose to enter
our Current Incarnation.

Therefore, is it possible that the Amniotic Fluid we exist in while
in the womb is not only a fluid that protects and nurtures us but
is also a fluid of un-remembrance; a fluid that gives us Amnesia
from remembering not only our past lives but the Beauty and
magnificence of the Spirit Realm as well?

With all these Thoughts taken into consideration, the final
questions are these:

Considering the Divine Process of Amnesia which our fetus
experiences while in the Amnion, is it in our best interest to
attempt Past Life Recalls where all of our unanswered questions

Or, is it much healthier, grander and beneficial for us to Learn
how to tap into and access the Great Subconscious (something
also referred to as the Akashic Records) where all the answers
of Eternity lie?

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