Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Theater Of Life

"All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women merely players..."

- William Shakespeare

The world is one huge Theater. Within this Theater there are a
limitless number of Stages. Upon these Stages exist a vast
multitude of Actors involved in an infinite number of Plays.

We see these Actors performing on their personally chosen
Stages each and every day.

The student's stage is a classroom. The doctors stage is a
hospital. The authors stage is a place of quiet solitude. The
criminal's stage is a prison. A judge's stage is the courtroom.

So it goes, on and on, all these actors involved in all these plays
on all these stages.  And on one of these Stages, in one of these
Plays, each one of us is acting out our own individual part.

Are we happy with the Stage we are on, the Role we are playing,
and the Script we are reciting? Some people are, but many people
are not!

When we view our lives from this point-of-view we get an entirely
different outlook on the jobs, professions, and activities in which
we involve ourselves.

How many of us have Become very good at an occupation that we
are dissatisfied with? How many of us are involved in activities that
have been chosen for us by someone else?  How many of us are
acting out Roles that are not in Harmony with Our Divine Nature?

We are all Professional Actors who are very capable of Award
Winning performances in a Role, and on a Stage, that is
Harmonious with our True Nature. If we don't like the particular
Role we are currently involved in we can simply Choose to move
to another Play on another Stage and assume a Role which
provides us with the comfort, contentment, and Adventure we feel
that we deserve.

There are numerous Stages and uncountable Roles from which
we can Choose. The fact that we have plenty of past experience
performing a certain Role we are unhappy with does not Obligate
us to continue on with that Role. We can Change Stages, Roles,
and Scripts any Time we Choose.

Our Incarnation is a Gift that is meant to be experienced and
enjoyed.  The best way for us to enjoy our Gift is to Choose only
those experiences which are Harmonious with Our Divine Nature.
This is one of the Lessons handed down to us through the art
and practice of Alchemy.

If this is selfish, then let us exercise our Divine Right to be Selfish.
Selfishness is far superior to misery; for we become unhappy,
frustrated, and unfulfilled when we participate in any experience
that is not Harmonious with our True Self.

We owe it to ourselves to be the best person we can be and to
experience the best life (Incarnation) possible.

We were granted our current Incarnation in order to evolve,
Become, experience, and enjoy our life in the most positive and
expansive way Imaginable.  If we are unhappy and unfulfilled with
how our current Incarnation is progressing, we have the Sovereign
right to turn in our script, take off our costume, exit the Stage, and
Become the most enthusiastic and Sincere Actor playing our favorite
Role upon the Stage-of-our-Choosing in this great Theater of Life.

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