Sunday, June 20, 2010


"Fairy tales can come true
It can happen to you
If you're young at heart."
- "Young At Heart" lyrics

Being either young or old is a state of mind. Actually, it is a choice!
It is an interesting concept that we actually determine, by ourselves,
whether we are young or old. In addition, the number of "earth
years" we have experienced has nothing to do with youth or old age.
We have all seen people who have seventy or eighty "earth years"
behind them whose eyes are still alert, alive, and in some cases
even mischievous; people whose spirit is alive and vibrant. On the
other hand we have also seen individuals who have experienced
very few "earth years" yet lack enthusiasm, self-reliance, ambition
and spunk.
When we consider Youthfulness in this manner we find that we have
two choices. We can either choose to keep our mind young and free
while we anticipate all the new opportunities and Adventures which
await us upon our earthly journey, OR, we can choose to shun all
things which are new, creative and bold.
Those of us who choose the latter path soon find that our minds
become stagnated, drudgery replaces enthusiasm, Compromise
extinguishes imagination and monotony takes the place of
Adventure. Furthermore, by choosing this particular path, we
actually define the exact date on which we decide to become "old".
From that date forward we begin making choices that are limiting
and restricting; we stop living our own life in order to conform to
the expectations and "rules" of peer groups and society; we
embrace laziness and stagnation; we begin to criticize, gossip
and complain; we create Self-Imposed Limitations.
On the other hand, those of us who choose to remain Eternally
Young, in both mind and heart, constantly keep our senses
young, free, and open to new Insights and Adventures. Those
of us who embrace Youthfulness are continually dreaming,
fantasizing, imagining, growing and planning. We look forward
to each new morning. We understand that each new day can
present us with sparklingly new opportunities, events, Adventures,
Choices and Horizons which can lead us to exciting new discoveries,
ideas and friendships.
Nature is an excellent example of Eternal Youth. For although
Nature is both ancient and timeless She is continually renewing and
re-creating Herself through eternal re-birth and new beginnings.
She is the perfect example of Eternal Youth and Youthfulness.
We are all placed on earth to fully experience our Incarnation. We
have the opportunity to Choose which Paths we will follow and
which trails we will blaze. We are all responsible for our decisions
and Actions. We alone Decide whether we shall remain Eternally
Young or become instantly "old". And since all of these choices
are entirely up to us, it is our Sovereign responsibility to
Choose Wisely!

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