Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lightening - As A Symbol

The zigzag drawing, or carving, of the Lightening Bolt is a very
ancient Symbol which is found in all cultures.

Symbolically, Lightening, or Fire from the Heavens, is that Spiritual
Flash which appears to come out of nowhere in order to instantly
awaken new Thoughts and ideas within us. Therefore the Symbol
of Lightening represents that Flash from Above which suddenly
sheds Light upon those new vistas of Awareness, Illumination,
Insight and Enlightenment which had been previously concealed
from us.

Lightening often precedes rain, therefore it is also associated with
Water. When viewed in this manner, Lightening is the supernatural
force from above which destroys, cleans out, and purges whatever is
old so that the Creative Water contained within the rain can
impregnate that which has been cleansed in order for new life,
and new growth, to begin. In this way, Lightening Symbolizes the
Divine Principle of Creative Destruction.

As a "bolt out of the blue" Lightening appears suddenly and without
warning. It is an awesome statement from above. And, against the
dark night sky, it is a giant and emphatic spark of Illumination which
seems to come from an unseen Source.

Mythologically, and Symbolically, Lightening is a weapon, or
instrument, of the gods. For example, Zeus is portrayed as holding
a handful of Lightening bolts which he is prepared to hurl toward
whatever person, place or thing that requires the attention-getting
Spark of Illumination from the unseeable, yet ever-present, Divinity.

With these thoughts in mind, it becomes easy for us to recognize
and understand the Spiritual and Esoteric concepts Symbolized by
the bolt of Lightening.

As an instantaneous and forceful instrument of Divinity, Lightening
represents a powerful and unforgettable statement from a higher
source; the blinding light of mental and spiritual Illumination from
above; and a flash of inspiration or enlightenment which seems to
come to us from heaven itself.

It is the heavenly fire of instant inspiration, enlightenment and
revelation. in other words, Lightening is the Symbol of an Epiphany.
It Symbolizes the Spiritual Moment when Divinity connects, and
shares Enlightenment, with a worthy and well-qualified Seeker or
Initiate which thereby elevates the mind, Spirit and Wisdom of this
special individual to a higher Eternal and Spiritual plane.

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Unknown said...

Wow... what a terrific way to illustrate what I felt last night when I saw lightning! I hadn't seen lightning in a long time, and last night, it came to me and felt closer than it ever has. Like it was right outside my window. I felt right away about what the universe/God was saying to me. I had been struggling, and praying, and I felt the epiphany your talking about. I haven't been the same since. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Ludwig said...

I think you mean, lightning, not lightening.

beth said...

I had a dream of lightning striking the ground and a huge cloud of black smoke appeared and turned into a black stallon.

Unknown said...

Friedrich Nietzsche when he speaks of what he coined the OverHuman, describes it as a will to power, "the lightning from the dark cloud of the human" to not change matter, change one's mind about matter. Create reality in a spark.

The gnostics would call that work from the demiurge, the creator God.

I call it from above. From the Unknowable, for the canvas was blank, before I began to paint.

It's not the symbols that we should pay attention to,
rather the gaps in between, void of form.