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The Egyptian Pyramid - Part 2
(Symbolism and Metaphor)

"Where the telescope ends the microscope begins,
and who can say which has the wider vision."

-Victor Hugo

In "The Egyptian Pyramid - Part 1" we examined the Symbolism
and metaphor associated with the Triangular-shape of the Pyramid.
In this article, we will explore additional Esoteric aspects of that
wondrous and mystical structure we call the Pyramid.

In this article we will examine the following:
1. The numerology of the Pyramid;
2. The unfinished (truncated) top;
3. The invisible capstone;
4. The "All-Seeing Eye" (which appears on the U.S. Dollar bill);
5. The invisible descending Pyramid.


The structure of the Pyramid contains the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The number 1 is represented by the top, or peak, of the Pyramid.
1 is the number of Unity, the Source, and Genesis; it is the
number of the unmanifested aspects of Divinity.

The number 2 is represented by the two points of the axis that
exist at the peak of the Pyramid and its base. In addition to
representing duality the number 2, in this instance, represents
the World Axis, or World Tree. It is by way of this axis, or Tree,
that energy is exchanged between the Spiritual Realm above and
the world of matter below .

The number 3, represented by the Triangular shape of the Pyramid,
is the number of Creation which is explained in Vedic texts by way
of The Three Gunas.

The number 4, which is represented by the four sides of the
Pyramid, is the number which represents both matter and the
The Four Elements of matter: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

The number 5, which by looking downward at the Pyramid from
above and seeing the four sides and the mid-point of its peak,
represents the quintessential (fifth-essential) Fifth Element.
When viewed in this manner, the Symbol of the Dot-Within-The-
Square is similar to that of The Dot Within The Circle.

Additionally, the number 5, which was the sacred number of
Pythagoras and his followers, and was Symbolized by them by
way of the pentagram, represents the Fifth Element referred to
as ki, qi, chi, prana, Aether, akasha, the Hebrew yod, and the
akh of Ancient Egypt.

This Fifth Element is the unmanifested and ever-flowing energy of
Divinity which rains down upon, and provides all aspects of Divine
Energy to, all things which exist in the seen, and unseen, realms
of the cosmos.

The Unfinished Top:

The top of the Great Pyramid is flat, unfinished, truncated. We
see this Symbolism represented of the back of the U.S. one-dollar
bill. This unfinished top represents unfinished work.

This Symbolism is a Lesson that teaches us that our inner-work,
while we still occupy the realm of matter and duality, is never
complete until we reach the state of being which enables us to
ascend to the sublime realms of the eternal heavens above.

The Invisible Capstone:

Pyramids are used as Capstones. Capstones represent a finished
work of great importance. We find Capstones mounted at the top
of obelisks. An obelisk is a vertical rectangular structure with a
Pyramid at its top.

Obelisks are erected at the geographical center, mid-point, or heart
of a city, nation, or civilization. The place where an obelisk is
located is the most important and central point, or heart, of a
culture; a central point which must must be defended at all costs.
The Washington Monument is the obelisk which represents the
heart of the United States.

Obelisks contain the numbers 3 and 4. The number 4 being the
four sides of the rectangle forming the obelisk (numerologically,
the square and rectangle are similar) while the number 3 being
the Triangle of the Capstone (Pyramid) at its top.

The obelisk bonds together the spiritual number 3 with the number
4 of matter; forming a union of our spiritual and material selfs both
as individuals and as a civilization.

The Invisible Capstone appears above the unfinished Great Pyramid
on the back of the U.S. one-dollar bill. In this depiction, the
Invisible Capstone Symbolizes the highest point of ascension and
Awareness we can achieve while still occupying the realm of duality
and matter. The next higher point above this invisible Capstone is the
realm of Ascension where re-incarnation is no longer required of our
spiritual self.

The All-Seeing Eye:

The All-Seeing Eye, also called the "Eye of Horus", represents the
Path of Direct Ascension (whereas Osiris represents the Path of
ultimate Ascension through numerous re-Incarnations).

The All-Seeing Eye appears on the back of the U.S. one-dollar bill.
It is located within a Triangle atop of, but not touching, the
unfinished Pyramid.

As the All-Seeing-Eye appears in a Triangle, or Pyramid, this tells
us that it is a Spiritual essence. Also, because the Pyramid which
houses it is above, and not touching, the unfinished Pyramid below,
it reminds us that the All-Seeing Eye, while still being associated
with the world of duality and matter, is no longer a part of that realm.

This location of the All-Seeing-Eye represents the point where the
world of matter comes into contact with the realm of the abstract
and unknown.

The All-Seeing Eye, being atop the highest point of the Pyramid,
Symbolizes the Vision which "sees" clearly in not only all directions
but below and above as well.

However, "seeing" does not merely mean "looking at". This kind of
seeing means total and full Awareness: the ability to both observe
and understand what is occurring in all directions, on all levels, and
in all realms.

At this point, the mortal intellect Becomes prepared to ascend into
the realm of Spiritual Awareness...alone! The mind and Spirit
transcend. Knowledge gives way to Wisdom. Seeing Becomes
total Spiritual Awareness.

At this level we are no longer entrapped within the physical realm
and are about to ascend into the upper, inverted, and invisible
Triangle above, which is the domain of Divinity and higher spiritual

The Invisible Descending Pyramid:

Picture this: an hour-glass with its bottom-half visible and its top-
half invisible. The middle of the hour-glass, where its two points
meet, is where all the action takes place. This mid-point where the
sand from the invisible upper realm descends into the visible lower
realm; this Symbolizes the point of manifestation, Incarnation, and

When all of the sand finally flows into the lower realm, and the job
of the hour-glass (Time) is complete, we then turn the hour-glass
over and return the sand back into the invisible realm from whence
it originally came; this Symbolizes Ascension and Transcendence.

This is the Symbolism associated with the invisible and descending
upper Pyramid mounted atop the visible and ascending lower

Creation occurs in two directions: downward and upward. The top,
invisible, and downward pointing Triangle (Pyramid) represents the
realm of Divinity and Unity as It creates, and manifests, downward
into the realm of matter. The bottom, visible, and upward pointing
Triangle (Pyramid)  represents the realm of matter where we work
on freeing ourselves of our material and physical burdens and
perform the inner-work necessary to Ascend ourselves back into
the Spiritual Realm from whence we originally came.

These two Pyramids also represent the visible World Tree and its
invisible, Spiritual counterpart. The invisible Spiritual Tree has its
roots in the heavens and its branches in the realm of matter.
The visible World Tree has its roots in the realm of matter and
its branches in the heavens above. This Symbolizes the ability
of all energies, essences, and beings to both ascend into the
upper realms and descend into the lower realms in a continuous
on-going process of creation and Ascension.

One final note: if we take the upper Triangle and superimpose it
within the lower Triangle we have the Symbol for the "Star of David"
which represents the bonding of spirit within matter, the masculine
with the feminine, the yin and yang, and the Union of Duality.

(See Also: "The Egyptian Pyramid - Part 1")

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