Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Lighthouse - As A Symbol

The Lighthouse is a tall circular stone structure erected upon the
highest point of land that is closest to the sea and its potential
dangers. It notifies sailors that land is near and warns them that
they are approaching rocks, reefs and shallow waters which must
be navigated with caution. The Lighthouse is also a comforting
sign that the calm waters of a welcoming harbor are close at hand.

The Lighthouse stands alone and tall in both light and darkness
and it, along with its beacon, is a focal point which Symbolizes
strength, guidance and safe harbor; it is a Spiritual "Welcome Mat"
for all those who are traveling by sea.

Symbolically The Lighthouse is similar to the Star, and to the
Hermit of the Tarot Deck. However, as the Star serves as guidance
for all those who look to the heavens, or higher consciousness, and
the Hermit serves as a guide to all who wish to ascend the
mountaintop, or highest level of spiritual attainment here on earth,
the Lighthouse serves as a guide and beacon to all who are either
voyaging or adrift on Water.

Metaphorically, as the element of Water represents the emotions,
the Lighthouse is a Symbol for the Spiritual Strength and Emotional
Guidance which is available to us during the times we feel we are
being helplessly tossed around in a sea of inner turmoil.

With these thoughts in mind, let us now explore the metaphors
which are related to, and associated with, the Symbol of the

Storms consist of both wind (air) and rain (water). And as air is
the element representing the mind, and water is the element
representing the emotions, storms symbolize agitated thoughts
and emotions. Metaphorically, storms are our Inner Demons which
torment both our mind and our Subconscious.

The rocks, reefs and shallow waters symbolize the final
dangers and miseries which seem to accompany the end of any
turbulent voyage. Just as the saying, "its always darkest before the
dawn", things always seem the most dangerous and hopeless as we
reach the end of an emotional turmoil. This is the point when we
feel like tossing up our hands and giving up. However, it is just
after this point that our problems become solved, our crises wane
and we attain that new clarity and understanding which we have
been so desperately Seeking.

The Strength of the Lighthouse is Symbolized by its location.
It is erected at the highest point of land which is closest to the
sea and its dangers. Its circular construction makes it
impervious to the most bitter gales which time and nature can
hurl at it. As the Circle is a Symbol of Divinity, the circular
structure of the Lighthouse Symbolizes stable and reliable Spiritual
Guidance during our mental and emotional storms.

The Beacon is the Guiding Light, the Illuminated Eye, which shines
in all directions and enables all who are adrift at sea to use it as a
focal point in order to steer to the calm waters of the safe harbor
which the Lighthouse oversees.

Therefore the Symbol of the Lighthouse reminds us that, regardless
of how turbulent our emotional seas may become, we need only
focus on the Guiding Light of the Spiritual Lighthouse within us.
Our Inner Lighthouse is our inner strength; it is our God-within; it
is our Atman.

Our inner Lighthouse is also our spiritual guide which safely directs
us to that peaceful port-of-call which resides within each and every
one of us; a port-of-call that provides us with calm waters, safe
harbor and emotional tranquility from the turbulent seas which are
currently surrounding us.

Once we are safe within our Harbor of Tranquility we are better
able to evaluate the emotional tides and currents which are
temporarily disturbing our voyage. Then, once our emotional storm
finally passes, we can once again set out to sea and enjoy clear skies,
calm seas and prosperous Waters as we cheerfully sail toward new
Horizons and new Adventures.

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Noelle V. said...

Thank you. This is wonderful, and very timely for me.

Anonymous said...

A good article. I've just finished watching the movie The Skulls. At the end of the movie, the protagonist defeats those in this secretive society and he is walking along the beach with his girlfriend, and the film ends. But in the background, a lighthouse with its beam is flashing. I wondered given the context of the film, whether the symbolism is positive?

Dilip Barad said...

Good one. I am sharing this with students while teaching novel 'To The Lighthouse'.

MandaBurms FarmStay for Cats. said...

Totally connect with your symbolism of a lighthouse,
Love Leanne

chelsea said...

thank you for this explanation. i just recently bought a lighthouse poster for my new office. i love looking at it. it gives me comfort. im going through emotional turmoil in my lfe.

Jennifer Riebau said...

Wonderful!!! Very pertinent. Thank you :)

znovu majak said...

This explanation of the symbol for lighthouse is excellent. Thank you.

A.A. Garrison said...

Thank you for this post and its insights. I benefited from it.

Unknown said...

I resonate with this article. Thank you for posting! <3

Unknown said...

During meditation the other day, a vision of myself as a lighthouse came to me, with the beacon emanating from my third eye Chakra. Since then I have been seeing images of lighthouses and references to lighthouses which seems like some kind of message. Thank you for your explanation of the symbolism associated with the lighthouse. It has helped me clarify what that message is.

Daniel David Hanks said...

This was excellent, loved the way you explain the lighthouse!

Unknown said...

I have just chosen a name for my new sacred space based in this The Yoga Light House. This article inspired me. Thank you .