Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Unattached Observer
(The Beholder Of Cycles, Events, and Destiny)

"The iron chain and the silken cord
are both equally bonds."

- Friedrich von Schiller

There is a very insightful statement which appears on page 61 of
"The Fire From Within" by Carlos Castaneda which bears further
attention and comment:

"...Seers aim to be free, to be unbiased witnesses incapable of
passing judgment; otherwise they would have to assume the
responsibility for bringing about a more adjusted cycle. No one
can do that. The new cycle, if it is to come, must come of itself."

As this paragraph is an excellent description of an Unattached
Observer, let us look further into this statement and attempt to
analyze its insights and Instruction.

As Events create Cycles, they therefore share a similar bond.
Cycles can be cosmic, planetary, societal, and personal. And
although cosmic and planetary Cycles are unalterable, and
generally beyond our control, we still have the ability and
responsibility to be Aware of them.

Societal and personal Cycles and Events are a completely different
matter. They can either present us with those golden opportunities
which appear to us perhaps only a handful of times during our
lifetimes, or, they can be the trap-doors that constantly get us into
an awful lot of trouble.

Societal and personal Events are brought about by Actions. Actions
can be in the form of Words, personal behavior, or massive group
(mob) undertakings. Once an Action is performed a Cycle is created;
and This Cycle will have Consequences. Furthermore, this Cycle
must experience its own completion; nothing can stop it once it is
set into motion.

Seers, and Seekers, understand that whenever we create an Event,
or Share Energy with with a person, place, thing, or Event, we
become bound to, and responsible for, the Consequences of the
Event we either participate in or create. The responsibilities and
Karmic burdens we may incur from the resulting Consequences of
these Events can often limit our personal freedom and clear thinking
long after these Events complete their normal Cycles.

Therefore, Seers and Seekers are very cautious of who and what
they Choose to share and invest their energies with. This is why
Seers and Seekers very rarely involve themselves in societal
and inter-personal Events and simply maintain the role of an
Unattached Observer.

So, with this Thought in mind, the question we should be asking
ourselves is simply this: Do we want to be swept away by personal,
inter-personal, societal, and perhaps even cosmic Events which are
such a large part of Human Behavior and our Human experience, or
do we simply prefer to be an Unattached Observer who is immune to
these Cycles and Events and the Consequences which they create?

As every Action (whether by word or deed) creates an Event, and
every Event has a Cycle, and every Cycle has a duration and
Consequences, each one of us possesses the Free Will to Choose
whether or not we will participate in, and therefore bind ourselves to,
an Event, its duration, and its Consequences.

We Learn by way of two different processes: observation and
experience. Furthermore, experience can be gained by either of
two  ways: personal experience or the experiences of others. As
personal experience can often be expensive and brutal, it is Wise
to learn as much as we can from the experiences of history and
the experience of others.

Seers and Seekers who maintain the role of the Unattached
Observer understand this important principle. They are the
Lone Wolfs who realize that Non-Interference allows us to be
free, unbiased, unattached, and observing. Whereas Interference
restricts our freedom, causes us to form and defend Opinions,
attaches us to Events and their Consequences, and prevents us
from being Aware of what is truly happening.

The Unattached Observer has cultivated the ability to properly
observe and understand an Action or Event along with the
Consequences it will bring forth. This Awareness enables the
Unattached Observer to Wisely Choose whether to participate
in, or distance themself from, any particular Event.

Finally, Unattached Observers, being fully Aware of the Cycles
which are created by Actions and Events, understand that once a
Cycle is created it cannot be stopped; it must completely exhaust
itself. This "pearl of Wisdom" prevents them from interfering in any
Cycles which individuals, crowds, or societies have put into motion.

They completely understand that any attempt to interfere with any
Cycle already in motion disturbs its natural rhythm, binds them to
the Cycle, and creates responsibilities and obligations which can
limit their freedom, disturb their peace of mind, and draw them from
the Path of their personal Destiny.

Although there are Cycles, Events, and Destinies which constantly
befall mankind, The Unattached Observer is fully Aware that he, or
she, is not required to participate in these issues. The Unattached
Observer simply observes these issues from a distance, sidesteps
the follies and intrigues of the masses, and takes pleasure in the
peace and contentment of their own personal Journey.

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