Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Self-Imposed Limitations

"Anything you identify yourself with limits you."

Any time we associate ourselves with an external cause,
of any kind, we relinquish control of our personal Sovereignty
and we create within ourselves a Self-Imposed Limitation.

A self-Imposed Limitation is a restriction we allow to enter into
our psyche that confuses our thinking, distorts our perception, and
causes us to Compromise our personal growth and our Spiritual

A Self-Imposed Limitation is, by its very definition, a Thought,
Belief, or Action that limits our ability to enjoy complete Freedom.
And when we limit our Freedom we restrict, and possibly even
abandon, our enthusiasm to pursue our personal Destiny.

Self-Imposed Limitations are created so easily and automatically
that we do not recognize the chains and bonds we are shackling
ourselves with each time we create a Self-Imposed Limitation.

We bind ourselves with Self-Imposed Limitations each time we try
to control the actions of another person, join someone else's cause,
or subscribe to someone else's belief system.

Self-Imposed Limitations are the beliefs, attitudes and actions we
voluntarily subscribe to at the request, inducement, or demand,
of another person or group. These persons and groups can be our
friends, relatives, social groups, alumni associations, the news media
or political factions.

Self-Imposed Limitations instill within us unwarranted prejudices,
desires to excel at the expense of others, and in their most
dangerous extremes, the desire for vengeance. Self-Imposed
Limitations polarize us against the Divine Concepts of Harmony,
Truth and Freedom that we all long for and ache for.

It is very easy to become "tricked" into accepting Self-Imposed
Limitations and it is important that we recognize a Self-Imposed
Limitation when one presents itself to us. Once we allow a
Self-Imposed Limitation to become a part of us we instantly
restrict our access to all the Limitless possibilities that the
universe makes available to us.

Self-Imposed Limitations present themselves to us in many
different and "harmless looking" disguises. Whenever we choose
a team to root for we create a Self-Imposed Limitation by thinking
that our team is the "best" and we must therefore root against all
other teams: ignoring the fact that there are well-trained, dedicated
athletes on all teams and in all sports.

Whenever we choose a political faction to associate ourselves with
we create a Self-Imposed Limitation which prevents us from
understanding, and availing ourselves to, all sides of all issues.

Whenever we readily accept any "expert Opinions" presented to us
by the news media we create a Self-Imposed Limitation by allowing
our thoughts and feelings to be governed by biased opinions that
may, at best, be only fractionally correct.

Whenever we believe that our school or university is better than
any other school or university we are creating a Self-Imposed
Limitation by refusing to recognize the quality and accomplishments
of the many gifted students and teachers that attend, and teach at,
other quality institutions.

Whenever we join a "cause" we create a Self-Imposed Limitation
by closing our mind to all other points-of-view.

And, in its most self-destructive form, we create a Self-Imposed
Limitation whenever we seek to continually torment an ex-spouse,
ex-partner, ex-business associate or anyone else who has injured
our ego in any fashion.

In this instance we are creating a Self-Imposed Limitation by
continuing a negative relationship with another person when it is,
in fact, in our best interest to release that relationship, along with
all of its associated negative energies, from our lives.

It is in our best spiritual interest to recognize that Self-Imposed
Limitations do exist and are continually attempting to gain control
of our thoughts, actions and feelings.

By preventing unwarranted prejudices, the desire to control others,
and desires for vengeance from entering our psyche we automatically
keep ourselves open to all the positive possibilities that the universe
makes available to us. We allow ourselves "see in all directions". We
allow ourselves to explore all of the limitless possibilities that present
themselves to us in the physical, mental and spiritual realms of our
Current Incarnation.

It is by tossing away the restrictive hooded garment of
Self-Imposed Limitations that we are able to recognize and
understand all sides of all issues, "see clearly" in all directions, and
Choose only those ideas, concepts and actions that are Harmonious
with our Current Incarnation and our Divine Nature.

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