Monday, February 2, 2009

Self Honesty

"To Thine Own Self Be True"

Self-Honesty is that Divine Quality which allows us to Seek out,
understand, and accept, who we truly are so that we can make
those Choices and Decisions which are in Harmony with our
Divine Nature. In other words, Self-Honesty is Self-Knowledge
at its deepest level.

But before we can Seek out, understand, and accept, who we
truly are, it is important that we first understand, and eliminate,
who we are not.

We are not what we "wish" we could be. We are not what others
"expect" us to be. And...we have nothing to "prove" to either
ourselves or to anyone else. In addition, we must also accept the
fact that anything we pursue that is in conflict with our Divine
Nature (our personality) can only be met with frustration,
resistance, and disappointment.

When we are not acting in Harmony with who we truly are,
we are unhappy because we are being dis-Honest with our
Divine Nature.

When we are acting in Harmony with who we truly are,

life flows easier for us because we are being Honest with our
Divine Nature.

Self-Honesty allows us to understand our True Self by helping us
to slowly un-Veil and discover our unique personality. It enables
us to concentrate on, and perfect, who we truly are.

We accomplish this act of Spiritual Perfection by way of a simple
Alchemical process whereby we eliminate all the impurities
(dis-Honesties) that have attached themselves to us during our
Current Incarnation. Once these impurities are eliminated, we
are left with only what is pure (Self-Honesty)...our True Nature.

When we are Honest with ourselves it Becomes natural for us to
be Honest with others. When we are Honest with others we begin
to allow only those persons and situations into our lives that are
Harmonious with our Divine Nature. It is at this point that our
lives start to become "easier".

Through Self-Honesty we begin to realize that we are who we are!
And who we are is a very special, unique creation that is perfectly
packaged, and fully prepared, to enjoy the Relationships and
Adventures awaiting us in our Current Incarnation...our special
time in history!

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Davide said...

Hi, I like this post it talks about how life should be or maybe how I hope mine will be. I want to believe in all that you write but I am still at the beginning of my spiritual journey.
Is your life as you have described? Is it easy for you?
I ask you this because I read beautiful words from many people but does that mean that what they describe has actually happened to them or it's just nice words and hopes as it still is for me?

Thanks. Ciao.

Joseph Panek said...

Thank you for your comment, Magoo!
In response to your sentence:
"Is life easy for you?"
Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. I don't think life can ever be completely easy. We live in a world of duality, and duality will always present us with confusion. This is why we must choose our own personal path, stick to it, and let life take care of the rest. Again, thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment. Please feel free to comment again in the future. Thank you, Joe