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"We enter our current incarnation spiritually wise
but materialistically ignorant.
It is our abandonment of spiritual wisdom solely
for the sake of materialistic gain which is the
source of all our woes.
-Joseph Panek

When we consider the many different "beliefs" we are burdened
with throughout our life, it is easy to understand why Truth,
Wisdom and Harmony seem so elusive to us and why we often
feel confused.

Since many of these Beliefs become part of our character, it is
important for us to understand how we obtain them. Once we
understand the source of our Beliefs we become better able to
"weed out'' those pestering Beliefs which are not in Harmony with
our Divine Nature.

Let's consider some examples of how Beliefs are ingrained within us:

What we are taught to believe: These are the earliest Beliefs
to which we are introduced. These Beliefs come to us from parents,
teachers, relatives and neighbors. These are people whom we trust;
people who are very dear to us; people we rely upon to advise, teach,
and protect us when we are very young. In addition, these individuals
sincerely believe that the Beliefs they are instilling in us are sound
and true.

But regardless of how well-intentioned the Beliefs of these persons
may be, if they are erroneous beliefs to begin with, the Consequences
that these Beliefs have upon us will ultimately be harmful, and
perhaps even calamitous, to our life-experience.

One of the most common, and earliest, mis-Beliefs which we are
introduced to is that we must "follow the crowd", "fit in", and not
"rock the boat".

When we follow this common Belief we relinquish our individuality.
We forsake our Free Will to Think our own pure Thoughts, experience
our true personal feelings, and imagine our most wondrous dreams.
We then find ourselves taken off our personal, unobstructed Path
and forced into the traffic jam, the "rat race", of the masses. We
become diverted from the Spiritual Purpose of why we were placed
into our Current Incarnation.

What we are trained to believe: Although we may envision
regimented Beliefs to be part of a militaristic or monastic setting,
these types of Beliefs are also imposed upon us by way of corporate
"training" and group involvement.

Regimented Beliefs are a form of conversion, or brainwashing, in
which we are disciplined to believe that "we" are better than "them".
It is the replacing of Instruction and open-mindedness with training
and Indoctrination.

Regimented Beliefs coerce us to believe that: our product is better
than theirs; our organization is superior to theirs; our Beliefs are
right and their Beliefs are wrong; and, our cause is holy and just
while "they" need to be saved. Regimented Beliefs put us at odds
with, instead of in union with, our world-wide brethren.

In a regimented Belief type of setting, we are often required to don
uniforms which are designed to fracture our individuality and help
ease us into being assimilated into the thought process of that
particular group.

The unfortunate result of regimented Belief organizations is that
they demand unconditional obedience to their dogmas from all
of their "followers".

Many people turn to groups and organizations in search of Wisdom,
Truth, and Enlightenment only to often find that they are
disappointed, and perhaps even deceived, by the same organizations
and institutions which profess to honor and provide the Truth,
Enlightenment, and Instruction which these individuals are Seeking.

What we think we believe (a phantom most deceptive):
Unfounded conclusions are the bane of humanity. Quite often,
what we think we Believe is usually a combination of what we are
taught to Believe and what we are trained to Believe. This is why
it is so easy to be fooled, and disappointed, by what we think we

What we think we Believe are, in fact, false Beliefs which enter our
lives by way of unfounded Opinions, gossip, rumors, subliminal
suggestions, media propaganda, and a lack of research, Awareness
and insight on our part.

We fall victim to this type of Belief when we allow our ego, laziness,
and complacency to replace reason, research and intuition.

What we truly believe: This is knowledge and Wisdom which is
gained through Self-Instruction, personal investigation and unbiased
evaluation. It is the Seeking out of what is - not what "should be".
True Belief is being in Harmony with both our Divine Nature and the
external world of our Current Incarnation.

True Beliefs are the Truths, Wisdom, and knowledge which we have
taken the time to un-Veil for ourselves. True Beliefs require great
effort on our part; they must be earned. This is why they are so
rare. However, each True Belief we uncover brings us one step
closer to the Star of Enlightenment which beckons us to continue
down the wondrous and mysterious Path of our current earthly

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2009
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