Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Time In History (Our Incarnation)

"For even you were not produced when you pleased,
but when the world had need of you."
-Epictetus, Roman Philosopher

This quotation from one of history's greatest philosophers tells
us two things:

First: We were born to experience this particular time in History;
this Unique
Cycle within Eternity

No matter how much we wish we could live in another Time, this
is the only Time that has been granted to us in our Current
Incarnation. We were not created to long for the "good old days",
or for some other interesting Time in history. Nor were we created
to "wait" for some "better" future.

The "good old days", whether from history or from our personal
Past, are simply Guides, Teachers, and Experiences we can refer to,
and lean on, when making Decisions.

And as for The Future, it will arrive at its appropriate Time.

Second: We were born when the world needed us.

Albert Einstein wasn't born in 1327. Benjamin Franklin wasn't
born in 1123. Isaac Newton wasn't born in 2008. These great
people, just like all the other great names of history, were born
"when the world had need of them".

Once we understand what Epictetus is saying, we realize that
each one of us was born with unique talents and abilities that
the world was in need of at that particular Time.

We are, in fact, Stewards who have been entrusted with a specific
"piece" of Time. Do we accept our Stewardship or do we pass this
responsibility on to someone else to "take care of for us"?

When we ignore our responsibilities, squander our Gifts, and expect
someone else to be responsible for what has been entrusted to us,
we become victims, rather than masters, of our Incarnation.

However, by embracing our responsibilities and making the best
use of our Divine Gifts (Our Divine Nature) we experience all the
Abundance, Joy, and Satisfaction that has been reserved for us
during our Current Incarnation.

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