Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Veil Of Isis - Symbol and Mythology

"No mortal shall pierce the Veil of Isis."
-Ancient Egyptian Mystery

This Ancient and Sacred statement is very similar to the
opening cryptic lines of the Tao Teh Ching.

And although this statement tells us that no "mortal" shall pierce the
Veil of Isis, it also alludes to the fact that The Veil can be pierced.
However, it does not tell us how to pierce the Veil.

As with many Ancient Teachings, we must look "inside" the
Lesson itself in order to discover its True Meaning.

Symbolically, a Veil represents something hidden; something
concealed. The Veil shrouds a Secret, a Mystery. In this instance,
the Veil shrouds Esoteric Knowledge.

And what is "Esoteric Knowledge"? Esoteric Knowledge is Sacred
Wisdom that can only be bestowed upon a worthy Initiate; a worthy
Seeker of Truth.

But how can a Seeker or Initiate, who is mortal, "pierce" this Veil
that we are told "no mortal shall pierce"?

We must always remember that Infinite Truths cannot be accessed
by the finite mind. The Infinite can only be accessed by the Spiritual
side of Our Divine Nature.

The Seeker pierces the Veil not by using the mortal faculties of
mind, reason, and logic, but by using the Spiritual Faculties of
meditation, insight, and intuition.

It is through meditation, insight, and intuition that the Seeker slowly
peels away, one layer at a time, the Mysteries that wrap themselves
around, and conceal, Eternal Spiritual Truths.

Likewise, it is by Learning and using these same Spiritual Disciplines
that we too can acquire the ability to Un-veil the Divine Mysteries
that are cryptically "hidden" in Ancient Teachings.

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