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(Mythology, Mysticism and Symbolism)

"From dust we come, to dust we return."
- Biblical Verse

When we hear "From dust we come, to dust we must return"
recited at a religious Ceremony we probably think of the dirt
of Mother Earth; for this is where our physical body is finally
interred once our Spirit has left it.

However, since our bodies did not originate from the earth below
us, the Dust which is mentioned in this Biblical Verse cannot be
referring to the earth into which our material remains are placed
for final safe keeping. This "Dust" must be referring to something

When we think about earth and Dust in this manner, we can
only come to the conclusion that the Dust mentioned in this
Biblical Verse must be referring to, and reminding us of, a Dust
of a completely different substance which exists in an entirely
different realm or plane.

As the Word "dust" does appear in numerous ancient texts, we
are left to wonder what exactly do these texts and verses mean
when they tell us "from dust we come, to dust we return".

Dust is not the Symbolic dirt into which a person's material
remains are placed when their Spirit has left. Nor is Dust the
ashes which remain after a funeral pyre or a cremation
Ceremony. For both dirt and ashes are nothing more than gross,
mundane and solid forms of matter which were themselves
originally created from a more subtle form of matter...Dust!

So then, what is Dust?

Ancient texts inform us that as Spirit descends into its
Current Incarnation in the world of matter it passes through
seven spheres of creation prior to assuming its full physical form;
with each of the seven spheres applying a heavier and denser
form of matter to the descending Spirit.

Therefore our physical beings contain all forms of matter which
exist in the universe; from the most subtle to the most dense.

All of the matter that exists in our physical being is an equally
proportioned, scaled-down, representation of all the matter which
exists in the universe (including the rare elements and minerals
found throughout the universe) along with the Spirit which brings
all these forms of matter into physical manifestation.

Therefore this Dust, which is referred to in ancient and religious
texts, is the most subtle, pure, mystical and magical "Dust"
which exists in the highest and most pure realm of matter; that
mystical and spiritual dimension that Borders the realm between
Spirit and matter. (See: "Borders Between Realms")

This Dust is the "first matter" or prima materia which is referred
to in Hermetic and Alchemical lore; it is the initial "building block"
from which all matter is formed.

Dust is the first and most subtle form of matter our Spirit clothes
itself with when entering the material realm and the last form of
matter our Spirit divests itself of when leaving material realm.

This Dust is the final physical Border which our Spirit must cross
in its re-ascent into the Spiritual dimension. Once our Spirit
crosses this borderland of Dust it enters the realm of Spirit where
it once again becomes Spiritually Free!

(See also: "Spirit and Matter" and "Smoke - As A Symbol")

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