Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Inner Demons

What are our Inner Demons?

They are the fears, despairs, frustrations, disappointments, and
heartaches we carry within ourselves. They are the Thoughts,
Feelings and Personal Issues which reside within us that bind us,
torment us and prevent us from experiencing Peace, Harmony,
Contentment and Spiritual Freedom. They are negative energies.

We have two Choices when it comes to handling our Inner Demons.
We can either confront them face-to-face and conquer them, or we
can attempt to "run away" and hide from them.

Because our Inner Demons reside within us, as hard as we may try,
we can never run away and hide from them. To attempt to do so
sentences us to a life of fear and bondage because our Inner Demons
will never run and hide from us. Our Inner Demons are the
schoolyard and neighborhood bully that will never leave us alone
and permit us to live in peace. Should we attempt to run and hide
from our Inner Demons we will live a life of misery because we can
never run away from that which resides within us.

Therefore, the only true option we have is to confront our Inner
Demons, whatever they may be, and eliminate them. This is an
inner battle that is the most up-close and personal battle we will
ever experience. It is a battle which takes place on the emotional
and psychological battlefield within us. It is a battle which no one
else can fight for us; we must face our Inner Demons alone.

However, although we must face these Demons alone, we are not
really alone. Within each one of us there is an Inner Guide, our
God Within, our Atman who is with us at all times to offer Divine
Guidance and Spiritual Direction.

A wonderful metaphor describing this Inner Battle in handed down
to us in the Bhagavad Gita. In it Arjuna, the warrior, is having a
discussion with Krishna, his charioteer. Arjuna is about to go into
a great battle against his relatives and kinsmen on the plane of
Kurukshetra the following morning.

The discussion between Arjuna and Krishna involves the inner
conflicts which Arjuna is experiencing having to do with slaying
his relatives and kinsmen in this great upcoming battle. Krishna
counsels Arjuna and explains to him why he must fight this battle,
slay his relatives and kinsmen, and emerge victorious.

As a story, this sounds like a cruel and inhumane venture which
Arjuna is about to embark upon. However, as a Metaphor, it is a
classic lesson about Personal Enlightenment achieved with the aid
of Divine Guidance.

The Symbolism contained within the Bhagavad Gita is a beautiful
Lesson as to how, and why, we must confront, and slay, our Inner

Arjuna symbolizes our Self.

Krishna, the charioteer, is our Inner Guide, our God Within, our

The Chariot signifies that the confrontation will be up-close,
personal and face-to-face.

The Relatives and Kinsmen represent our Inner Demons. Our
Inner Demons are those personal, and related, parts of our
consciousness which we are attempting to conquer and oust.

Kurukshetra is our inner battlefield. This is the only place where
we can confront, do battle with, and vanquish our Inner Demons.
The Bhagavad Gita is the story of invoking and trusting Divine
Guidance in order to gain Peace and Enlightenment. And, although
we must fight this battle alone, we are not truly alone. We have
Divine Guidance, our personal Charioteer, our Krishna, our Atman
assisting us throughout every battle we must fight with each of our
Inner Demons.

Another Symbolic Metaphor which pertains to slaying our Inner
Demons is the hidden meaning contained within the Image of
Saint George Slaying The Dragon. In this painting Saint George,
riding upon a white horse, thrusts his spear into the Dragon.

The Horse is a Symbol of travel; a journey.

The color White symbolizes Purity and Enlightenment.

The Lance symbolizes battle at close quarters.

The Dragon symbolizes an Inner Demon.

Saint George represents our Self.

Again, we have the Lesson that throughout our Journey toward
Enlightenment we will occasionally have to confront, and slay, our
Inner Demons. A battle which can only be fought alone, and at close
quarters. However, we are never truly alone as we always have
Divine Enlightenment to Guide us throughout our Journey.
We must never lose sight of the fact that our Inner Demons are
merely the Specters and Ghosts which we have allowed to enter
into our minds and feelings. Once we understand our Inner Demons
for what they are we can confront them, defeat them, and forever
banish them from our Personal Domain.

                                                            (Image via Wikipedia)

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