Sunday, December 28, 2008

Transcending Duality
(Symbol Of The Unattached Observer)

What does it mean to Transcend Duality and how
do we recognize this concept in Symbolism?

"Symbolically", Duality is represented by two parallel, vertical lines
of equal length ( I I ). These lines can also be depicted as two equal
and parallel trees, obelisks, pillars, etc.

Transcending Duality is represented, Symbolically, by these same
two vertical lines but with a taller vertical line between them.
We normally see this symbolized by a fleur-de-lis, a trident, or a
large cross between two smaller crosses.

In addition, Transcendence of Duality can also be illustrated as a
pathway Traveling between two equal mountains, Towers, trees,
etc. The large center line, and the pathway, represent rising above,
and Traveling through, Duality.

Transcending Duality:
Every argument, prejudice, and "noble cause" consists of two sides
of a single issue (Duality).

To Transcend Duality means to "ascend to", or "Travel to", a
Higher Realm of Consciousness where the Dual Nature of the
material realm no longer disturbs or concerns us. It is being
Aware of, and Indifferent to, the arguments, prejudices, and
"noble causes" that govern and control the lives of so many

Transcending Duality means Becoming "unattached observers" of
the Events happening all around us and understanding that we are
"in this world, but not of it".

In this material realm we are often tempted to become involved
in the external battles and "noble causes" created by others: battles
and "causes" which have two different points of view and very
rarely concern us.

Getting ourselves involved in these issues is almost always a waste
of both Time and energy. They are exercises in futility that impede
our Spiritual Growth and drain our Creative Energies. All of the
Great Masters understood this.

Although "noble causes" and opposing arguments are always
present, it is up to us to recognize them for what they are: nothing
more than two Contrary Points of View. They are the Mountains
of Duality that lie on either side of our Divine Path. It is by
remaining on the Divine Path, which Travels between these two
Mountains, that we are able to Transcend Duality. This is the
Pathway that takes us to the Higher Realms of Consciousness
where Wisdom and Enlightenment await us.

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