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The Axe - As A Symbol

The double-headed Axe is rich in Symbolism. To begin with, it has
three extensions, or arms; and Three is the number which
represents "Creation" (See: "The Three Gunas").

The double-headed Axe is similar to the Tau Cross, ( T ), therefore,
the Symbolism contained within each of them is also similar.

The horizontal Axe-head, just like the horizontal line of the Tau
Cross, Symbolizes the greater and lesser extremes of Duality
which exist within the material world.

The vertical handle of the Axe, just like the vertical line of the Tau
Cross, Symbolizes the Spiritual aspect of ourselves, of mankind,
and of the universe. And as the vertical handle connects into, but
does not continue above, the well-balanced midpoint of the
horizontal Axe-head, it represents the Blending Of Differences
and the Union of Duality.

(Note: Should the vertical line proceed through the horizontal line,
it would then become a four-pointed Cross, ( + ) , which, among
other things, Symbolizes the Transcendence of Duality.)

As the double-headed Axe Symbolizes the "Union of Duality",
it is therefore a Symbol for marriage. In marriage, a spiritual union
(the vertical handle) is formed between the Dual nature of a man
and woman (the two opposite sides of the Axe-head). This spiritual
union is the unseen magical essence which allows this man and
woman to go forth and create together whatever it is they Choose
to create in either the physical, mental, or spiritual realms.

It is also interesting to keep in mind that a "marriage" can occur
between any two opposites which unite together in a common
pursuit. Some examples of these kind of "marriages" are
business partnerships, mutual pursuits, and treaties between

The double-headed Axe is usually portrayed with curved blades
on either side of the Axe-head. This is lunar Symbolism and
represents the waxing and waning Cycle of the moon. It is
therefore a Symbol for beginnings, endings, and rebeginnings...
birth, death, and rebirth. When Symbolized in this way the
double-headed Axe represents the endless Cycles of Eternity
along with the Divine Essence (vertical handle) which "Unites"
the Dualities of these Cycles.

In Ancient Egypt, the Axe was a Symbol that represented the
Neters (gods and goddesses) and was therefore a Symbol for
Divine Authority.

In recognition of the physical aspects of the Axe, it is also a Symbol
for cutting, hewing, and cleaving. An Axe is used to hew away the
excess wood from the end of a tree-branch in order to form a spear.
In this way it represents "getting to the point"; a phrase we use
today when attempting to understands facts and Truths. An Axe is
also used by Trailblazers, both in a physical and metaphorical
manner, to "cut down" obstacles in order to create new Paths, Trails,
and Ways.

An example of "cleaving open" comes to us from Greek mythology.
Zeus, after suffering a raging and unrelenting headache, allowed
Prometheus (some say Hephaestus) to cleave open his Skull with
an Axe. Zeus' headache immediately disappeared and out of his
Skull popped Athena, the goddess of Intellect, Wisdom, and Good
Council: qualities which can also be expressed as "Lightening",
"Great Light", and Illumination. Athena is also the patroness and
protectress of the city of Athens.

This particular myth is rich with both Symbolism and metaphor.
Zeus was in the throes of an enigma, or dilemma...his headache.
He allowed Prometheus, the "Bringer of Light [Wisdom]" to cleave
open his Skull [the domain of the Mind] with an Axe. This cleaving
open of the Skull Symbolizes the "opening of the Mind". Upon
opening His mind, out sprung Athena...the goddess of Wisdom.

This Greek myth teaches us that a closed mind leads to mental, and
physical, torment. This torment can only be released by opening our
mind. Upon opening our mind we then open ourselves to not only
endless possiblilties, but also Truth and Wisdom...qualities that all
True Seekers respect and cherish.

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