Sunday, December 27, 2009

Seeds - Symbols of Tomorrow's Garden

"We sow our thoughts and reap our actions.
We sow our actions and reap our habits.
We sow our habits and reap our character.
We sow our character, and we reap our destiny."

Nothing grows until a Seed is first planted. In the material realm
we must first plant physical seeds in Mother Earth in order for our
outdoor garden to grow, blossom, and bear fruit. In the mental
realm we must first plant Karmic Seeds within Our Subconscious.

These Karmic Seeds are the Thoughts, Choices, and Decisions
which determine our Actions. Our Actions will thence create those
future Consequences which we will eventually find ourselves
having to confront and deal with. And, just as we are responsible
for the Karmic Seeds we plant within ourselves, so too are we
responsible for the fruits, the Consequences, which these Karmic
Seeds produce.

Packets of Karmic Seeds come in three different varieties:

Seeds of Negative Action: Just like any other Seed, these Seeds
start out as small and almost insignificant behaviors. These are
the Seeds of gossip, complaint, ridicule, envy, jealousy, worry and
dissatisfaction that we cultivate when we become obsessed with
external Events and the behaviors of other individuals.

Once these Seeds take root within us they grow into larger and
more intense negative behaviors which create larger and more
intense negative Consequences until we eventually find ourselves
reaping the Karmic fruits of hatred, misery, anxiety, fear, and

Seeds of Inaction: Again, these Seeds start our small but
eventually grow into something much larger with the passing of
Time. We plant these Seeds in one of two ways.

The first way is when we accept the false Belief that we have nothing
left to live for. The second way is when we celebrate our "retirement"
by Choosing to never again do anything which resembles "work" or
requires "effort". These kinds of Decisions are common traps which
ensnare multitudes of individuals every single day.

When we plant Seeds of Inaction, we have, in effect, planted nothing
positive today. Therefore, nothing positive has any chance of bearing
fruit tomorrow. Seeds of Inaction are seeds of barrenness: a
barrenness which will continue to spread within us, and eventually
dominate us.

Seeds of Inaction are also the Seeds of atrophy. They cause our
minds and wills to grow weak instead of strong. These Seeds
produce monotony, discontent, boredom and, again, misery.
These conditions will continue to exist and expand in our lives until
we make a conscious and determined effort to do something that
creates positive Change.

Seeds of Positive Action: Tiny yet mighty. Seeds of Positive
Action consist of any new knowledge, skills, ideas, philosophies,
hobbies, crafts, and ideals we Choose to plant in our mental and
spiritual garden. These Seeds eventually grow and blossom into
creative and positive aspects which become a permanent part of
our character, our Speech, and our Actions. Also, it is within the
Seeds of Positive Action that serendipity, luck, and good fortune

Symbolically, Seeds of Positive Action are the Seeds contained
within the Pomegranate which magically appears in our garden and
bestows upon us unexpected opportunities, insights, Blessings,
prosperity, and Abundance.

When we plant Seeds of Positive Action we excitedly look forward
to each new day in anticipation of the joys, mysteries, and Lessons
which await us. By sowing these positive Karmic Seeds we
maintain a sharp mind, a youthful exuberance and a healthy glow.

Our mind is a fertile field. We reap what we sow. We simply have to
Choose which packet of Seeds we are going to plant in our mental
garden. And being this Choice is entirely up to us, we may as well
Choose the packet which contains the Seeds of Positive Action.

Furthermore, in addition to our personal Thoughts, the fertile field
of our mind is also subject to the people with whom we associate,
the places we visit and the situations in which we become involved.

Wise Seekers understand the Consequences which can result from
the people, places and situations (fields) they encounter throughout
their Travels. Therefore they seek out only those fields which contain
the highest quality Seeds and avoid those fields which contain tainted
and low quality Seeds.

When the Wise Seeker stumbles upon a field which contains tainted,
low quality Seeds he, or she, immediately removes themself from
that particular field and moves on in search of those fields which are
tilled with the highest quality Seeds. For it is within the richly
Seeded fields that the Wise Seeker will find the Peace, Harmony,
Wisdom and true friendships which are always the ultimate objective
of his or her Journey.

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