Sunday, November 22, 2009

Master Teachers - Ancient Spiritual Guides

"The hopes of the instructed are better
than the wealth of the ignorant."


Master Teachers have been called by many different names
throughout Time: Thoth, Hermes, Solomon, Christ, Buddha,
Confucius, Veracocha, Quetzalcoatl...

And although Master Teachers have not walked upon the earth for
millenia, their Thoughts, Wisdom, and Esoteric Instructions remain
eternally available to each and every one of us by way of Symbolism,
Mythology, Sacred Writings and the Oral Traditions of Indigenous

Master Teachers are revered for the sublime levels of Spiritual
Enlightenment which they attained: Enlightenments which they
passed on to both their Students and to all future generations.
Master Teachers also possessed certain Divine Characteristics.
Characteristics which caused them to be held in the most highest
esteem by the men and women of their Time.

Master Teachers were Sovereign individuals who possessed a
profound understanding of both their inner and outer worlds.
They understood the Cycles and patterns which govern Time,
the universe, and humanity. They also possessed a very deep
understanding of their Spiritual Nature, their Atman.

Their Spiritual Alignment and Harmony was the result of the years
they spent in contemplation and meditation. Spirituality was their
way of life. They understood the interaction and Interdependence
which exists between the world of matter and the realm of Spirit;
they were Aware of the interplay of opposites which permeate our
daily lives, and; they had a deep respect for the Spirit which resides
within all Thought and matter.

Master Teachers neither demanded, nor expected, a following. They
imposed their Teachings on no one. They Simply imparted their
Wisdom, left their Footprint, and moved on - leaving their audiences
Free to do whatever they Chose with the Wisdom which had just
been bestowed upon them.

Furthermore, Master Teachers did not demand that any buildings
be erected to their "cause". Neither did they expect organizations
be established to "preach" on their behalf. The Master Teachers
Simply reminded us that Spirit dwells within us; that our body is the
Temple of Divinity which we are Free to enter whenever we Choose
by going within ourselves, meditating, and Seeking Inner Guidance.

Master Teachers brought Spiritual Philosophy, Divine Principles,
and Ancient Wisdom to the many people they visited. Their
Teachings have withstood the "test of Time" and are available to
every one of us. We Simply need to Seek them out, absorb their
Timeless Wisdom and follow their Spiritual Guidance.

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